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New computer, need some help~!! - Welcome...

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July 23rd, 2006

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12:20 am - New computer, need some help~!!
Bought a new computer today and already I need some help -__-  So hopefully there's some computer geniuses on my f-list.

Ok, it's a Hewlet Packart Media Centre computer (aka it can hook up to the tv) and like most compies, this one came with 2 drives, C and D right?  Ok good.  Now for anyone who's bought a Hewlet Packard computer within the past 2 years should know, in the D drive, there's a recovery file used for System Recoveries in case you completely mess up your computer.  Everytime you try to open the D drive, there's this little pop-up message that warns you that you shouldn't try and mess around with the drive or else you might screw up the Recovery file and then you're gonna be in trouble if you need to use it later. 

The problem is...my C drive only has 18GB, but the D drive has 280 GB with 270 GB still free, thus anything I download will need to go into the D drive...so it's impossible for me not to mess with that drive, not to mention that when you install just about any program it usually automatically goes into the C drive since that's where the Programs folder is located in.  Big pain in the behind.  I wanted to partition the D drive so that there's just enough room for the Recovery file and move all of the free space either into C or into a new drive, but when I went to Disk Management (Control Panel-> Performance and Maintenance -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management -> Storage -> Disk Management) and right-clicked on D as was instructed, there's no "New Partition" option that the manual said there should be.

Has anyone else had this problem with newly bought HP computers?  My old computer also had the Recovery file in D drive but there was only  5GB in D and 144GB for C so it didn't cause any problems.

[EDIT]:  Ok, so after Maya-chan's comment and talking to a friend on msn who's way more computer savvy than me, I called Best Buy (the store I got the computer from) and they asked me to bring in the computer and they'll have a look since there's no way drive D should have more GB than drive C.  So we drove all the way to London (1 hour drive dammit, that's 2 hours for a round trip yesterday and 2 for one today...sheesh, what a way to waste time) and apparently all the computers of this model from this shipment had the same problem.  So the service guy used the Recovery file in drive D and made the recovery CDs then completely wiped out all the programs in the computer and re-installed everything using the recovery CDs hoping that they got the partitioning right in the Recovery file.  This time there's 289 GB in C drive and 8GB in D which is the way it should be.  Now they have to do that with all of the computers in this model from this shipment, good job guys, I hope HP's paying you for labour~   But either way, at least my new compie's finally working right~!!
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Date:July 23rd, 2006 10:00 am (UTC)
Ok... here's the thing
the recovery consule is nice and all, but what you can do about it is smarter than this.
It's a bit complicated, but you should be able to create an image file of your system using ghost, and then you won't need the recovery consule, and THEN you could simply ignore the recovery file and use your D normally.
That's from what I know, but I'd rather you didn't do anything drastic before I get a chance to talk to you directly and check some other things about the system configuration...
So yeah... not very helpful -.- sorry...

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