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February 6th, 2005

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11:20 pm - Yeah yeah, i'm hyper...
ok, yeah, I know it's only a few hours since i last posted, but i'm hyper, so sue me ^^ i'm too hyped up to go to bed.  u know, i've been thinking (bad bad, i know) this is my last year/half year in high school...and pretty soon, me and all my friends are gonna go our separate ways.  After all these years of having them around, it's kinda creepy even trying to imagine not having them there to back me up.  *sigh* but life goes on right? =^-^= hopefully, we don't change too too much as we grow and become mortal enemies of each other or something in the future O.o;; me and christine'd probably Kumagorou Beam each other to death....doom of the pink rabbit XDD
Current Mood: thirstythirsty
Current Music: Tenimyu 1 - This is the Prince of Tennis

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