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My roomate's leaving~ - Welcome...

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April 26th, 2006

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10:03 pm - My roomate's leaving~
My roomie's plane for Winnipeg leaves tomorrow morning at 4am. After living with her for a school year I can't say I'm overly depressed that she won't be accompanying me for the last few days of my time in dorm. But surprisingly I do feel a little sad that she's going. We didn't talk to each other much (ok, like maybe a sentence or two every week, literally) and there were times when she got on my nerves as I probably did to her, unknowingly on both our parts for most of the time, but now that she's leaving I feel kind of bad I didn't try harder to make friends with her. Ah well...here's to wishing her the best in her future studies =^o^=
Current Mood: pensivepensive

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