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New blog on GreatestJournal~!! - Welcome...

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April 17th, 2006

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04:21 pm - New blog on GreatestJournal~!!
I'm just asking for trouble...3 blogs...who the hell has 3 bloody blogs??!

*cough* Erm....anyway, I started a new blog over on greatestjournal.com under the same username (koneko_desu). Lj will still be my main blog (just cuz I'm most familiar with Lj, even though Gj's format is almost identical), but Gj lets me upload piccies and more userpics XDDD So yeah, there's not much over there right now, but I really like the layout I made for it (took me a whole bloody afternoon when I should've been studying ~__~). Therefore, especially for those of you who likes 昭昭/ZhaoZhao from 包青天/BaoQingTian, come take a look =^-^=

I'm still pondering over what to stick at the center of the header between the two pics of 昭昭, so if you've got a good idea throw it at me. I was thinking maybe a "cool" Chinese phrase or even a poem that suits him, but yeah...we all know how awesome my Chinese is XDD Does he say anything that really sticks out in the show?? The two quotes I really like from him (and can remember)are:

"跟了大人这么多年,何者为公,何者为私,展昭岂会不知. 公而忘私,是展昭无情,因私害公,是展昭不为"



but I thought maybe it'd be strange just to slap that up there out of nowhere ^^;;

Well, anyway, I'll give you the link and then add it to my userinfo page later:
Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished
Current Music: 范文芳 - 豪情笑江湖

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