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Another Tenimyu dream!! - Welcome...

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April 7th, 2005

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10:41 am - Another Tenimyu dream!!
ok, last night, i just had another tenimyu dream *-* i love these dreams, they seem so real!! i think it's probably because my mom was nagging at me to figure out something on our new digital camcorder the night before, so i sat and read the manual for like, half an hour and fiddled with the cammie after.

i dreamt that i was at a tenimyu rehearsal, but it was like...outside somewhere, and i had my digi-cammie and was filming them and everything. and i remember takieiji and kime and abe practicing their tennis swings or something and i was filming them right beside them!! then we were all in this big room and all of them were lying on the floor complaining about inui juice or soemthing, i think they must've gotten poinsoned from it XD so i filmed them and their suffering ^^;; omg it was so awesome!! god i wish i can actually film my dreams!
Current Mood: amusedamused

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