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OMG!!! Graduation Tenimyu so sad!! - Welcome...

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April 1st, 2005

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09:57 pm - OMG!!! Graduation Tenimyu so sad!!
ok, i heard the stories from ppl that went to the graduation tenimyu show...but i had no idea what i was in for. such an emotional show, so much crying and tears, even I cried with them!!

Yanagi-kun looked like he was in so much pain doing the myu but he was trying so hard!! and Kime...oh kime!! he absolutely broke my heart at the end when he talked about yanagi-kun's accident T.T and the surprise birthday party that the whole cast threw for yanagi-kun, and then he started crying *sniff* so touching!! <3<3

wow *wipes her eyes* i never realized how attached i'd gotten to the cast, even within these short months of following the myus. i really want to buy the dvd for side fudomine >.< it's the last time the original cast sang together as seigaku...i need SOMETHING to remember it by. god..i just wanted to hug all of them....Thank you Tenimyu for bringing me so much laughter and joy and for connecting me to my awesome new friends, i'll continue to support the new cast, but the original will forever hold a special spot in my heart...Now and Forever...
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Current Music: Now and Forever - Tenimyu

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