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Need some technical help~! - Welcome...

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March 28th, 2006

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01:07 am - Need some technical help~!
Ok, after meddling with various programs for 2 hours, I'm turning to you guys for help. I have an audio file, mp3, that I want to split the 2 audio channels. You know how when you play an mp3 file, it comes out through the 2 speakers right? Well is there a way that I can separate the 2 channels and just save 1 of them into a new mp3 file?? The mp3 file that I've got has vocal in the right channel/speaker and instrumental/karaoke in the left channel/speaker. I just want to extract the karaoke channel and save it by itself as an mp3 file. I've got an audio editing program that, when I open the mp3 file, it shows me the 2 channels, but it won't let me delete the vocal one or just save the karaoke one. If someone can help me out I'd be very very grateful~!! Thanks guys!!

[EDIT]: Nevermind, got it =^__^=
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