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omg....kime and tenimyu are so expensive >. - Welcome...

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March 31st, 2005

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09:04 am - omg....kime and tenimyu are so expensive >.
i just spent 66 buck(CD) on kime's dvd...and 25 (USD) on side fudomine CD >.< omg....but damn i can't wait until they get here!! *huggles my oh so awesome _pseudonym for ordering for me* KIME~!! =*-*=

now i feel better since i'm actually supporting him and the cast instead of just downloading XD for once i actually wanted to buy it instead of just downloading, usually i really don't give two damns.

the CD is suppose to come with a sticker or something =*-*= and the Kime dvd has a booklet with piccies!!! seksy piccies of seksy kime-chan, plus it comes with the Be Shiny single YAY~!!!!!! omg i can't wait!!

even if it is so expenny $$ wow, 66 bucks for a dvd, that's the most i've spent on just one dvd, even my animes weren't that expenny, but KIME~!! and TENIMYU~!!!!!
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Current Music: Kimeru - Overlap (in my head)

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