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Sappy moods

Uh oh, cheesy, sappy, bordering-on-depressive-but-not-in-a-bad-way mood taking over. Damn these cheesy lyrics from these c-pop songs >__< It isn't half as bad when it's j-pop since I don't know exactly what they're singing, just the broad knowledge that the lyrics are 99.9999% probability sappy enough to give squirrels caivities, but chinese songs I actually understand everything *shudder*

Here's the playlist I've got rotating right now, anyone that knows any of these songs would understand why I'm going into sugery-sweetness-overdose:

1) Meteor Rain (F4)
2) Season of the Fireworks (F4)
3) Xin Yuan Yang Hu Die Meng (Kenny Ho)
4) Tong Hua (Michael Wong)
5) Eyes on Me (Faye Wong > Chinese version)
6) Lao Shu Ai Da Mi
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