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Military spendings - Welcome...

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March 13th, 2006

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09:49 pm - Military spendings
There's something wrong with a nation when it spends $400 billion a year on it's military budget. Take a guess which nation I'm talking about. Mr. Bush's home nation, the nation which we all admire and want to be like, the nation which we hail as the greatest superpower of all time, good old US of A.

Take a look at this:
Pentagon's yearly budget: $400 billion (US dollars here, all in USD)
- that breaks down to $14 000 PER SECOND
...wtf?? Every single second $14 000 dollars is being spent on the Pentagon. Out of all American government spendings, that's 50%. FIFTY PERCENT! That's 3 times what the USA spends on Kindergarten-grade 12 education.

The next biggest spender is China (population 1.3 billion). Take a wild guess what a nation with almost 5 times the population of the USA (population 265 million) spends on its military per year.


$50 billion.

The USA spends 8 times as much money on their military then the next biggest spender...am I the only one thinking this might be a bit overboard? I mean...these aren't teachers and doctors we're hiring to save lives and educate the next generation, these aren't machines being built that can improve the lives of anyone by any measure. This is money spent purely so that they can have the strength and the ability to destroy any nation that opposes them. Do lives mean anything at all to them??? Can you honestly tell me, that that $400 billion can't be put to better use? Even if they knock it down so that it's twice as much as what China spends, they'd still have $300 billion to spend on maybe useful aspects of society? Reduce poverty? Enhance education? Medicare? Even give it back to the civilians? With a $300 billion surplus, if you divide that by 265 million people, that's more than $1000 per person! I'm sure the civilians would appreciate a $1000 return.

I would seriously refuse to hand another dollar over to the government in taxes if I knew that for every dollar I give them, 50 cents is being used to kill another person. If I look at it that way, at least here in Canada, however much the government wants in income tax, it's not being used to kill. Whether it ends up in the private pockets of politicians (because face it, we all know they're as corrupt as the next guy) or helping with our social programs, it's better than spending it to kill.

(and if anyone's wondering how I got these facts, I got them from my politics class, but to prove them legitimate, here's a link to wikipedia that shows the same thing:
I suggest taking a look, it's really quite...fascinating? interesting? appalling? disgusting?)
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Date:March 14th, 2006 03:40 am (UTC)
I like your critical approach to U.S. military policy (as always);it is atrocious to know that all that money is being spent on a useless front to prepare for something that will never happen anyways (I mean,no one in their right mind would oppose the U.S. anyways-we are all awaiting another global paradigm shift for that).The global economy and other such mechanisms are an endless cycle of greed and impoverishment-nothing is going to change that.Cheerio!-James
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Date:March 14th, 2006 03:47 am (UTC)
Lol I knew I could count on you to reply to political posts. So the annonymous post option is working again I assume? That's good, had me worried there for a bit if maybe lj screwed around with that option. But yeah, I think a global shift in the hegemonic power is long over-due, I'm sick of the USA setting the trend for everything and other nations puttering after it like some puppies on their leashes. Although I'd prefer no hegemonic power at all, that's probably not going to ever happen, so I'll settle for a change /:

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