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ANDIE~!! - Welcome...

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March 12th, 2006

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02:13 pm - ANDIE~!!
Andie while you were in my dorm for reading week, you didn't happen to see a stack of my family photos (the ones on my msn space) in your wanderings did you?? I can't find them now >__< And I can't find the purikura pics I did with my mom either~!! But I did find the ones we took, I thought I had left them in your room on your dresser thingy, but apparently they were stuck between my politics book >__< if I had found them sooner I could've sent a set to you with the letter darn it. I can remember where I put those photos after I scanned them, and that was before my slack week so it's been awhile ;__;

[EDIT]: while you're at it andie, I need to catch you on msn sometime to talk about that soft subbing thing. the program is called virtual dub right? I downloaded it and it also rips vcd into avi format which is awesome, now just to figure out how to sub it ~-~
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