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DIET TIME!! - Welcome...

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February 13th, 2006

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06:42 pm - DIET TIME!!
Ok, this is it, Diet version 1.1 Mengya Style (ok so, it's not ACTUALLY my first attempt at dieting -___- but it's my first attempt since I've gotten lj). Girls, back me up on this one, at one point or another we've all thought of dieting, health being one reason but let's face it, we'd kill for a slim waist. After being back in China this past summer, the question of diet's been constantly on my mind thanks, number 1, to all the freaking slim people walking around the streets in that country, and secondly, the fact I couldn't fit into 99% of the gorgeous clothing they sold for insanely cheap prices. So, we're gonna give this forbidden topic a try.

Thanks to a very helpful conversation last night with shy_hinata about the uselessness of trying to starve myself into a size 1 (XD), and then having that point rammed home today in class (yeah talk about coincidences eh??), I've decided to take both shy_hinata's and my prof's advice: Eat less but more frequently and more healthy.

See apparently, if you starve yourself, your metabolism drops since there's no food and the body tries to conserve energy. But if you eat frequently in small amounts, the metabolism kicks in after each consumption to digest the food. Sounds good to me!

So how're we going to do this?? Anyone that knows Mengya knows that she's got an insane apetite with a gigantic sweet tooth. Add to that she's lazy and loathes the gym, this equals one whopping unhleathy lifestyle. Well first we're going to try and target that apetite and sweet tooth (because I really really despise the gym XD).

Here's the simple schedule:
9:00 am - Breakfast (1 muffin, fruit, 1 glass of milk)
11:30 am - Snack 1 (Fruit)
1:00 pm - Lunch (1 Sandwich, salad with dressing, 1 glass of orange juice)
4:30 pm - Snack 2 (Fruit)
7:00 pm - Dinner (1 Sandwich, salad with dressing, water)

Fruit consisting of either apples, pears, bananas, peach, nectarines, oranges, that type of stuff. That seems like a light eating schedule fairly spread out throughout the day. Now being a student, of course school has to get in the way -__- so, here's the schedule for the school week:

The stars signify when I have classes. I think the key challenges is going to be:

a) Remembering when I'm suppose to eat
b) NOT eating when I'm not suppose to (whenever there's food in the fridge I have this nasty habit of reaching for it)
c) Walking in and out of the dorm during meal times (because when people cook or order pizza that smell is tempting as hell to just order a pizza of my own)
d) Resisting going to grab fries, burgers, ice cream, chips, etc. all the stuff that's bad for you but tastes oh-so-good (just remember you have no money Mengya, no money!! Plus think of it as boycotting the fast food chains XDD self motivation, gotta love it)

Let's see how long Mengya's will power lasts this time, ganbatte!!!! (and shy_hinata, since you're in this field XD I'm gonna take advantage of your wisdom and ask you to suggest any modifications I can make to that schedule kk?? THANKS!!)
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Date:February 14th, 2006 02:49 am (UTC)
Try to fit 10 glasses of water in between all those breaks. I found that losing weight comes easier when you drink lots of water: it fills you up and you might be able to skip lunch or a snack, lol.Good luck!-James
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Date:February 14th, 2006 02:55 am (UTC)
Oh yes water of course lol, I just didn't want to stick water all over the place plus it'd be weird to time when I drink water XDD

I swear there's something weird in the tap water here (that's what I drink, I'm too cheap to buy bottled XD). When I drink it'll quench my thirst for like, half an hour, then I'm thirsty all over again, sometimes even worse than the first time. I'm starting to think they drugged the water here in Ottawa or something XD

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