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Fox News, watch it? Then check this out. - Welcome...

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February 8th, 2006

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07:33 pm - Fox News, watch it? Then check this out.
How many people know Rupert Murdoch? Maybe a few, but if my guesses are right then it's probably very few people. His face isn't plastered on tv 6 days a week, his name's not in the papers every morning. So let me give you a face to connect with the name:

So, it's some old guy who can't seem to muster up a sincere smile to save his life, what's the big deal? Well, maybe these stats can shed some light.

This guy owns:
- 9 satellite television networks
- 100 cable channels
- 175 newspapers
- 40 book imprints
- 40 television stations
- 1 movie studio

and all this media reaches:
- US television network: 280 million ppl
- Asian satellite network: 300 million ppl
- Cable channels: 300 million homes
- Magazines: 28 million ppl
Total audience: 4.7 billion ppl (3/4 of the population)

Does anyone else see a problem with this? How did we allow one guy, one measly old guy to gain control of all these venues of the media? His media reaches 3/4 of the population globally! And the remaining 1/4 are probably too poor to afford any type of media and hence they've been spared!

So, how did this post come about? It seems that on Monday (the day I skipped 3 classes) my Politics class had watched a documentary. Coincidentally, I had bought the documentary before Christmas (yes I buy documentaries, shut up, you either show me gay boys dancing and singing onstage, anime, or if it comes from North America it'd better have some informative value). The title is "Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism" and it deals specifically with the Fox News Network which is, big surprise, owned by Rupert Murdoch.


That is the most Conservative piece of crapshit network I have ever ever ever in all my 19 years laid eyes on. That's not a news network, that's a propaganda network. Stop calling it journalism or news because it doesn't even fit the freaking definition, just label it Conservative Propogandas. Words fail me right now to describe the crap I have just seen on what is suppose to be unbiased and objective journalism. I realize that no network can be completely 100% objective about issues and such, but this is just outright, right-winged brainwashing of anyone who watches it!! I usually avoid Fox and CNN as I have heard that they tend to be biased, so I didn't quite realize the extent to which Fox manipulated the news and outright lies to its audience. I'm going to see if I can get my computer to cooperate and rip this dvd and upload it because honestly, this needs to be shared, badly. It is disgusting how much we're letting these people get away with things that are against our fundamental beliefs in democracy just because they have cash in the bank.
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