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Ignoring me isn't gonna make me go away. - Welcome...

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February 7th, 2006

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02:07 am - Ignoring me isn't gonna make me go away.
I have yet to meet anyone in person who's quite so rude. Probably because in high school I tended to hang around with a very specific group of friends, and seeing as we were all in the "academic" if not "enriched" level of classes, the general scope of our conversations swayed towards more sophistication than the average teenage chitchats. If people lack a certain level of intelligence in holding normal conversations outside of fandoms and such I can't deal with that stupidity, like trying to deal with my high school drop-out bosses back at Zellers. They just simply lacked the communication skills needed to clearly state what needed to be done around the store which ended up in one mix up after another.

This time it seems I've made a mistake in my choosing of companions. I have to admit it's my first time seeing someone so balantly ignoring me (well, second time, first time was in elementry school over petty issues). Whatever, this person was grating on my last nerves anyway.
Current Mood: enviousCouldn't care less.
Current Music: Lao shu ai da mi

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Date:February 7th, 2006 08:27 am (UTC)
If this is about me. I'm sorry! *bows*
If this about who I think it's about.... *cracks knuckles* Well, only three weeks away until I come down!!! Actually, I will steal you away and we can do super fun things like karaoke and go to China Town and chase after boys and drink bubbletea and junk. However, I hardly think this person would notice because I think they are a tad obsessed with their computer and over um, certain things that well, you know what I'm talking about if this is the person who you're talking about!

^^ *hugs* Two months to go + exams. Not much more! You can hang in there!!!

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Date:February 7th, 2006 03:26 pm (UTC)
It's not you XD we only, you know, talk on msn just about every other night, if that's ignorning me I don't even want to know what's not ignoring me. It is about who you think it's about if who you think it's about is who I'm thinking you're thinking it's about....did that make sense? try saying that 10 times in 30 seconds XD. He/She/It really is waaaaaaaaaay too obsessed...was I ever that obsessed? I know I act it when I'm around you and Hwen since we see Hwen so rarely that whenever we get the chance to meet up all we do is go insane, but...hmm..I'll have to check back my lj entries over this past year to see if I was so bad. I don't quite _THINK_ I was. He/She/It is just...ugh...shoot him/her/it.

Omg when you come it's going to be so much fun!!! KARAOKE!! BUBBLE TEA!! CHINATOWN!!! I haven't been to the karaoke place here but I really want to (even though that shooting took place, but hey, we just won't be retarded and get into fights over washrooms).
Date:February 7th, 2006 08:07 pm (UTC)
Heynow. I never seem to know when I'vev pissed people off. I just had to check! And maybe you do think I'm irritating, but you're only humouring me?>!?! It's a possibility!

And yes, that did make sense. I definitely know who the person is now if it is indeed the person who I think it's about who you're thinking that I'm thinking that you're thinking about. Oh yes. I know. *taps head*

No, you were never... have never been that obsessed. Actually, even in our most fangirly moments we haven't been that obsessed. Even with we're with Hwen and are total spazzes, we're not that obsessed in comparison. Does this person ever do anything but sit at the computer and fangirl, daydream in class, or talk about anything else? I guess I should ask if this person even goes to their classes first of all. I guess I have no reason to be jealous anymore, eh? You don't hang around stupid people... myself excluded of course! XD

Yeah, I can't wait to go down. It will definitely be a trillion times worth it more than AN. I can't wait to go karaoking! I'm so addicted to it now... if you can be addicted so something after only having done it once that it. We can watch tenimyu and the new Bleach episode together and yeah... tons of fun! Yatta!

The shotting was over a washroom?!?!? WTF!

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