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Winter Fun~ - Welcome...

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February 4th, 2006

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03:57 pm - Winter Fun~
          Ooh, a pretty awesome day considering I was thinking it was just going to be like any other. Shall we start at the beginning?? OK! Well, on my way to Chinatown, I noticed that there was a lot of people mingling about in front of City Hall and the Confederation Park (the park's right across the road from City Hall) and that the main road separating the 2 had been closed off to cars. This peeked my interest, especially when I saw 2 giant air-filled bears (like, teddy-bear style, not real bears) sitting in front of City Hall and lots of kids having snowball fights. So I whipped out my camera and snapped a photo (on my msn space, I'll provide links to all the pictures at the end of this post).

          Getting into Chinatown, I found a new gift store that sells those cute little note pads, pens, stationary, plushies, etc. so I wandered in and of course, ended up buying some stuff (which I will probably never use. I realized I have probably 6 or 7 cute stationary pads at home which I didn't even bother to bring with me to university and I bought another one today ). After grabbing some food () I headed back, but was once again, curious as to why there's so many people in Confederation Park. Seeing as the weather was fairly warm I wandered in and heck am I ever glad I did. It turns out that it was an Ice Sculpture Display!!! There were so many awesome sculptures and I was sooooo~ glad I had my camera with me. So I mingled with the crowds, snapping pictures as if I had planned to come (when it was just a fluke that I have my camera wherever I go) and just had a generally great time. The only thing was that since it's so warm today, some of the sculptures were already melting, so that kind of sucked. On my way home, I stopped to snap a picture of the parliaments before finally making it to my dorm lol.

Whoo, awesome day. So!! Being a clicker-happy girl, I took way more photos than those 2 on here, the rest of the pictures from the Ice Sculptures is here[Click]

Parliament picture is here[Click]

Also I added some pictures of a big snow storm we had here[Click]

And just for fun, I'd like to introduce the newest member of my plushie family, SIROTAN!!! Come see him here[Click]
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