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Snow and a REALLY REALLY NICE DREAM!! - Welcome...

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January 26th, 2006

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11:43 am - Snow and a REALLY REALLY NICE DREAM!!
So, a few days ago we got a big snow-storm here in Ottawa (pic on the right there) and basically everything got covered in snow. Taking advantage of the snow, we had a snowmen competition, so there were snowmen guarding our campus everywhere XDD Yesterday, walking back from class with 2 friends, I whipped out my trusty Kirakira-chan (the new name for my lovely camera, named after the ever dorky and adorable KIMUER) and snapped away~!!Once again, I got weird looks, but I mean hey, how often do you get to see the campus over-run with snowmen right?? XDD Some of them were really well done actually. Click here to go to my MSN space photo album to see more pics =^-^= (under albums "Ottawa City" and "Ottawa University").

Also yesterday, while taking a nap, I got my 3rd dream involving Tenimyu !!! But for the first time it involved the new cast~ Yuu and Aiba to be exact!! I swear it's all _pseudonym's fault for sending me these gorgeous scans of Yuu that were giagantic and I spent 15 minutes just staring at the boy's lips . Needless to say my computer screen ended up smudged with more than just a few lip marks XDDD Damn Yuu and his oh-so kissable lips!!
Current Mood: chipperchipper

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