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January 13th, 2006

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12:24 am - Busy Busy day
Sorry for spamming you guys' f-list, I'll put this under a cut.

Hmmm.......well lessee now....my roommat and about 95% of the floor decided to go clubbing tonight. Fun stuff.  And they just got back, slamming doors, banging walls and all.  Beautiful.  Apparently "alcohol got involved and people started running their mouths off" according to my roommate, that's nice, as if you didn't know people's mouths gets loose when alcohol gets within 5 feet of imature cretins like you guys, like come _ON_ that's a given.  She tells me she "hates this floor", haha what a joke, that's not what you said 2 months ago! As I recall you guys were all the best of friends, all buddy buddy with so much sap and sugar it almost made me want to gulp down some wasabi just to get rid of the choking sweetness. I am SO glad now I never got involved with them other than the "hi" in the hallway, makes it all the more pleasurable when they're choking on their tears and whining to each other about oh how this could've  happened to little angels like themselves and how it's all THEIR fault whoever "they" are for the day and I'm sitting at my computer thinking "you suckers so had it coming! hah!" (what do u mean fuji's getting to me?!). 

I seriously can't believe some of the crap that comes out of these girls' mouths, so fucking conceited.  Things like (and these are actual quotes from their earlier conversation this morning) "You know I'm really naive when it comes to stuff like this" or "I'm so tired of always being the one to have to start conversations with him" or "I have so much problems making guys friends cuz they always end up falling in love with me" or "I'm just not good at talking about my feelings" *stabbitystabstab* you're doing a fucking fine job of it and then some if you ask me and if you don't shut it soon my dagger's gonna be lodged in that pretty little throat of yours.

You know back home I was always around friends who were so mature, so to me it just seemed that people my age should naturally have reached that maturity level.  But wow has living in the dorm opened my eyes.  Now I get why I'm told I'm mature for my age so much, I never used to believe it thinking that people were just tossing compliments, but slowly I'm starting to believe.  If this is the maturity level for the majority of the populaiton my age I shall thank my lucky stars I've managed to find the few that have managed to surpass this level of "ME ME ME ME ME!!".

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Date:January 13th, 2006 04:44 pm (UTC)
Ahh... Uni. I'm starting to be thankful I live off-campus. ^^; It gets a *bit* better in senior courses... where people somewhat want to be there and intelligent conversation is more likely to occur. In residence though? People are fucking dumb. DUMB. I'm sure you know that.

I always get told how weird I am/geeky I am when I fangirl over crazy things... my parents, my sisters, etc. And then I think back to... as you described. I could be a hell of a lot worse... drinking, drugs, staying out all night, destroying things while I'm trashed... bad mouthing people and starting shit and yeah. Makes fangirling seem all the more normal to me!

^_^v You'll survive and then you can move out. Then the only problem is going to class... like me. *looks at clock* English started fifteen minutes ago. Heh.
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Date:January 13th, 2006 06:11 pm (UTC)
i don't know about normal, i think normalty for ppl our age is suppose to be "drinking, drugs, staying out all night, destroying things while [we're] trashed... bad mouthing people and starting shit", i think fangirling is just a lot safer and healthier, which is fine by me cuz i get higher than high than morons on drugs yet can still watch where i'm going and not run the risk of getting myself killed/fined by the police XDD

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