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Ok need help with my essay, HELP ME OUT GUYS!! IT'S ON SEX!!! - Welcome...

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December 19th, 2005

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01:30 pm - Ok need help with my essay, HELP ME OUT GUYS!! IT'S ON SEX!!!
Did that grab your attention? Ok good. I'll keep this short, I have to write an essay on Casual sex (hooking up, friends with benefits, whatever you wanna call it) and I need primary sources. The teacher said that interviews are ok, but then I'm like, well most of my friends are online...I'll interview them online..she'll never know XDD SO!!! Answer these questions for me:

1)Why do young people today engage in casual sex?? (and please don't just say it feels good -_-)
2)What has happened in the past few decades to make casual sex become accepted? (or at least tolerated)
3)And if you've been involved in casual sex before, why did you? and if you haven't, why not?

I'll need your real name so I can cite my sources, so I'll be screening the comments on this post (aka no one else will see your comment except me.

Thanks a lot everyone!!! I really appreciate your help~!! =^-^=
Current Mood: busybusy

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