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March 11th, 2005

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08:40 pm - I'm am so pissed...
God, i am so fucking pissed right now it's not even freaking funny. why? cuz apparently, japanese fans dislike it when we foreign fans distribute files of our idols such as kime and nagayan over the net, whether the files be of songs, performances, even goddamn pictures. so see that icon with kime on it? yeah, if a japanese fan saw it, they'd freak. if u ask me, they need to loosen up. i mean, performances and videos i can understand, even in north america, downloading has been an issue since the napster incident. but PICTURES?!?!

i mean, when i leave a message on kime's blog or something, i'm always extra polite, checking and re-checking what i wrote to make sure it's polite and not offensive in any way shape or form. the LEAST that these jap fans can do is loosen up their rules a bit and dammit, if they really have such a huge-ass problem with it, then tell us instead of calling us rude and without etiquette behind our goddamn backs.

unfortunately, unlike them, i don't live in japan where just down the street is the store that sells nagayan's line of clothing, or the cd store across the road that sells kime's CDs. the only reason i fangirl, is because i LIKE these actors/singers/whatever, if i didn't, u couldn't even PAY me to get hyped up as much as i do. but apparently, appreciation for their works isn't good enough, it's the $$ that counts, so if u don't have money, then don't bother even being a fan cuz ur not wanted; as a matter of fact, ur a bother so go away is basically what they're saying. well piss off is what i tell them (and damn politeness), unless the artist him/herself writes to me confirming these feelings that fans without money are worthless, then i'll fangirl as much as i want to!
Current Mood: pissed offpissed off
Current Music: Kimeru - You got Game? (Yes it's downloaded!)

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Date:March 13th, 2005 04:20 am (UTC)
if anyone ever made an icon of me...omg....i would like....be so flattered i'd probably fall over or something...to have my face plastered all over the internet *dreams* ah~....

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