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Pic 2 Done! - Welcome...

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December 18th, 2005

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05:31 pm - Pic 2 Done!
You guys have probably realized, but I'm not doing these requests in order ^^;; Gomen ne, but I will get to them all!

Request: surrealistic_destiny
Pair: Soubi/Ritsuka from Loveless

So like last time, please email me (bombaykitty@hotmail.com) your email adress and I'll send you a zip with:

1) This picutre as you see it in full size (jpeg format).
2) This picture, full size, without the background (in case you want to make your own b/g for a layout or something)(again jpeg format)
3) This picture, full size,  in PSD (photoshop) format.  This will include all the layers I used to colour the pic so if you'd like to tweak it in anyway and you have photoshop, this will make it easier.

If you'd like me to include any other version of this picture (ie. with a To: ---- From: ---- message, or whatever it is you'd like me to do) please let me know either here or through your email.

I'm pretty much cross-eyed after working on this one, excuse me while I go and un-cross them XDD

Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished
Current Music: Dream Live 2 - Good Combination

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[User Picture]
Date:December 18th, 2005 10:39 pm (UTC)
Oh, forgot again -_- C.C. always welcome <3<3<3

From my point Soubi's right arm (the one he's leaning on) seems kinda off though I can't quite put my finger on exactly why. And Soubi's eyes seem a little bit far up on his face >.< But then Soubi has a longer face then most of the bishies I'm used to drawing :x
[User Picture]
Date:December 19th, 2005 05:42 am (UTC)

i still love it darls *glomps*

thankies...hope it wasn't a bother ..=__=;;

*concerned* u okay? i'm happy and everything but crossed eye. You okay?
[User Picture]
Date:December 19th, 2005 05:50 am (UTC)
Ah no bother at all =^-^= always fun to draw the kitty boy (and his protective seme XD).

Lol, don't worry about the cross-eyed-ness XDDDD I'm use to it by now after spending 23 hrs a day on the computer everyday for 4 years now XDDDD (the extra hour left is for washroom breaks and food runs! Have to have my food!)

I'm glad you like it, that's my biggest worry when I was drawing it (or any other picture for other ppl) is whether you/they will like it or not. So as soon as I get the approval of the requester I can breath a sigh of relief XDDD <3<3<3
[User Picture]
Date:December 19th, 2005 06:16 am (UTC)

4 years? Waiiiiiiii what are you doing!!! *mock horror* don't worry, I'm the same XDDDDDDDDDD

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