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Anti-Jap? Anti-Chinese? Can't we all get along?? - Welcome...

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November 21st, 2005

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07:31 am - Anti-Jap? Anti-Chinese? Can't we all get along??
Ok, I actually got motivated to write on this topic by a post on Mei-chan's lj here.  For anyone not familiar, basically, a lot of Japanese people are admantly refusing to acknowledge that in WWII, in the city of Nanjing in China, 300 000 Chinese (official number from the Chinese gov.'t) were massacred by the Japanese (this isn't very smart to do when Japan has been trying to become a permanent member of the Security Council of the United Nations and China holds a vetto).  Refuse to acknowledge and support re-writting their text books in schools so that the new generations don't learn about what happened.  More on that in this article here.  Now under normal circumstances, like Mei-chan I'd probably be incoherent by now and just ranting and growling, but since I've known about this for awhile and had time to think quite thoroughly about this, I'm hoping I can reasonable write out my opinions here. 

Ok, I wasn't really expecting this issue to pop up on lj , but I guess it was bound to sometime. For those that don't know me I too am Chinese though I've lived in North America for 12 years now (3 in America and 9 in Canada, came over from China when i was 6). Ok, *breaths* ready for my essay on this? (when i should be writing my English essay due tonight XD)

Ahem. This summer, I had the privilege of going back to china to visit my family (all of them are there except my mom who lives with me in canada) and I found anti-Jap. sentiments running wild all over the place. Being canadian and extremely sensitive to any racist comments, I was floored that people were just throwing about the "I hate any and all Japs" phrase all over the place. But I was also shocked to learn that an advanced nation such as Japan would re-write their text books to conceal history. Every nation has made mistakes, and during war-time nations commit atrocities. The important thing, I believe, is to admit to those mistakes and find a way to move on. Are there going to be Chinese who hate the Japs forever and ever and ever whether they admit and apologize or not for Nanjing? Definitely, my aunt is a great example, but then at least for those more open-minded Chinese, they can acknowledge the apology and let history stay history. Plus, at least for the Japanese then, they can say that they've done all they can to atone for what happened (no one can go back in time to change history), so the balls in China's field now to react as they will.  I visited the Nanjing memorial for the massacres during WWII this summer, there is no point in denying something that has so much evidence that it occured, I mean why fool your own people into believing a lie??

I really really hate all this Japan-China (and Korea too apparently wow) hatred going on because I was caught smack in the middle this summer with all my wanting to fangirl their anime and their boys (Kime, Jin, Kame, etc.) and my family some of who were just intensely anti-Jap and so proud to admit it too (NO ONE WARNED ME I WASN'T SUPPOSE TO FANGIRL IN CHINA!! T__T) >.< I could not believe that my aunt, when a group of (probably) middle school kids passed us at the Nanjing memorial for the massacres speaking Japanese, she muttered under her breath "What the hell are you doing here you stupid Japs?? So annoying." and my cousin, who's 2 years older than me nodded in agreement. I literally stopped in my tracks and my jaw dropped. For chrissakes these are MIDDLE SCHOOL KIDS!! And they came to this memorial so at least they're trying to learn about what happened right?? Why push that grudge and hatred onto a generation that had absolutely no control over what happened so many years ago??

So in the end, what am I trying to say? There's faults on both sides (I'm overlooking Korea, sorry guys ^^;; I really have no knowledge of the hatred between Japs and Koreans so i'll leave that to someone else). In Japan, the people that don't acknowledge history and what actually happened, the people that are changing the text books and fooling their own people of the next generation, the people that play off these racist sentiments to make money (ie. through anti-Chinese/Korean, it disgusts me that one of my favourite forms of entertainment is used in this way); and in China, those who hate and all Japs without regard to acknowledge that some are against teaching false history, those who hold the grudge of what happened so long ago onto today's Japanese generation, those.......fuck anyone's who's hating anyone over there dammit, people just stop hating!!!! It happened, it's over, apologize and everyone move on already!!!!! Argh!!! I'm sick and tired of being around Chinese friends and family and having to tiptoe around my hobby, dammit I'd think by the 21st Century we'd have learned enough from history to learn that racism's never good!! For crying out loud, just get the fuck along you stupid stupid nations.

The ending became a rant, sorry ^^;; But honestly, it just feels so stupid to grudge against something that happened so long ago.  It's like hating the Germans of today for the holocaust (but I guess most people use Hitler as a scapegoat, except for the massacre in Nanjing there's no one person to pin it on).  I want to like Japan and its people but all this hating is starting to make me feel guilty everytime I watch anime/read manga.fangirl/listen to j-pop, which is about 90% of my time T__T   Like its my duty as a Chinese to hate them or something and IT'S NOT DAMMIT!! STUPID ADULTS WATCH ME I WON'T SUCCUMB TO YOUR RETARDED AND POINTLESS HATRED!!!

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Date:November 21st, 2005 06:45 pm (UTC)
omfg u're not serious?? O_O really?? do u mind if i read it after u're done?? not to edit or anything (unless u want me to XDD) but i'm just curious. are u asian/chinese/korean/japanese?? if not it'd be awesome to get an outsider's view on this topic cuz i know i'm probably majorly biased on this since i am chinese XDD (i was terrified to say i liked japanese stuff when i was visiting china this summer, it felt like they were going to disown me if i said it or something T_T)
(Deleted comment)
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Date:November 22nd, 2005 02:33 am (UTC)
found some new links regarding this,



tsk tsk, japan just admit it happened and apologize ~.~
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Date:November 21st, 2005 06:45 pm (UTC)
omfg u're not serious?? O_O really?? do u mind if i read it after u're done?? not to edit or anything (unless u want me to XDD) but i'm just curious. are u asian/chinese/korean/japanese?? if not it'd be awesome to get an outsider's view on this topic cuz i know i'm probably majorly biased on this since i am chinese XDD (i was terrified to say i liked japanese stuff when i was visiting china this summer, it felt like they were going to disown me if i said it or something T_T)
Date:November 21st, 2005 11:16 pm (UTC)
A bit of a tangent here... but I suppose it goes along with the incorrectness and audacity of the article... but Japan has not, is not particularly welcoming to foreigners, gaijin. The articles says that Japan feels inferior to the West, which is definitely not true. If anything, I believe they think they are superior to the West as well... to use Western culture as a stepping stone to advance, yet crush those who help them once they get what they want.

I think it's about time Japan wakes up and realizes that if they don't change their ways, they are going to alienate the rest of the world from them... if they haven't already.

I think it will be quite difficult to change the way that the Japanese percieve themselves in relation to the rest of the world. THose who are in power now... are very set in their ways... and it could be pretty much guaranteed that they are very careful who they let into power to success them. It is an endless, vicious cycle.

Mou. Why can't everyone just get along???

-> You know you are Canadian when you think that everyone elsewhere is as multicultural and (generally) tolerant as Canada in the rest of the world.<-

*takes off her rose-coloured glasses*

(I'm not saying that Canada doesn't have it's problems, because it surely does... but we are much more culturally accepting here than in other parts of the world... such as in Japan.)
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Date:November 21st, 2005 11:41 pm (UTC)
oh hell yeah, god i couldn't believe how balantly ppl in china were against everything and everyone that was japanese, to me that was like a big BIG no-no. and i kept looking around everytime my relatives made little comments thinking that other ppl walking by (cuz there's ALWAYS ppl walking by in china unless u're in ur own house XD) were going to start a fight with us for being racist ~.~ and that really really really made me realize how much canada has influenced who i am, growing and being used to surrounded by cultures from around the world and always watching what i say to the point that i don't realize i'm doing it anymore, and i'm really grateful for that.

But on the topic of Japan - Western countries, I do think that the japs feel a certain sense of inferiority towards the west as does most asian countries, hence the tendency to worship anything western whether it be our fashions, our language, (i shouldn't use our....i'm asian ~.~) their looks (ie. in anime), they see the west as technologically more advanced and thus more powerful because of what has happened in the past; with the asian countries lagging behind technologically. Although this might not be the case today, that sentiment isn't easy to get rid of. What I think they look down on when it comes to foreigners is our tendency to barge into their country with this know-it-all attitude (which they preceive foreigners to have of course, everything's just prespective) and stomp all over their rules/regulations mostly from ignorance, or just simply lack of knowledge for their culture (they've got so many darn rules, who knows when we trip over one or two?? >.<). But i do imagine that if a foreiner was to travel to japan, blond hair, blue eyes, they'd be held with a certain sense of awe by the locals (now if u stayed there too long that might be another story).

I also think, which I forget to mention in my post, that Japan's heavy emphasis on pride is in the way of them admitting to the Nanjing Massacre and apologizing for it. Can't have that blemishing their honourable history now can we? And with pride being so heavily integrated into their culture for so many years, I can imagine it is tough for the government to bow down without the people rioting for a new leader. But on the international stage, it's not looking too pretty for Japan as instead of pride, other nations are going to interpret it as arrogance instead. *sigh* clash of culture, even amongst two nations so close geographically and culturally. Although i do think japan should watch its back since china's been heading for the top of the international stage at a very rapid speed. i just hope that once/if china does make it there it doesn't start flaunting its powers and trying to get revenge economically or otherwise on japan or any other country, last thing we need is politicians bickering and playing petty revenge games like elementary school kids on the playground >.

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