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Dream Live 2...Endou's Graduation... - Welcome...

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October 24th, 2005

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06:54 pm - Dream Live 2...Endou's Graduation...
It feels like SideFudo all over again T.T god...why'd they graduate Endou??  and on a Dream Live too!  I've gathered some screencaps of our favourite Yuyan....During the show, there's a few seconds at the very end of him and yanagi that was soooo absolutely adorable...and then Yuyan bows to the audience and I think he says "Yanagi wa yoroshiku!" (something like "please take care of yanagi!" i think) *melts* omg....Endou it was so much fun to watch you grow and change from that painfully shy boy in Dream Live 1st to who you are today.

Here's just 3 pics of DL2, click on the lj cut for more...LOTS more and bigger versions of these three pics.  I went a little screencap-happy >.<.

Warning, under the cut it is EXTREMELY pic heavy!!!

*sigh* it never ceases to amaze me how attached I've grown to these boys.  They've really managed to find a permanent spot in my heart, now and forever lol.  And thinking back on the first time I watched tenimyu, I just thought they were a bunch of weird, entertaining and ghei little bois dancing with their rackets.  To now come to the point where I'm crying as they walk across the stage in their Seigaku jerseys for the last time is shocking to me.

I've screen capped a ton of shots from DL2, all from the 2nd half, most with Endou in them (only 2 are of group shots that don't focus on Endou).  Click on the pics for a larger version.  This is sorta like my own little tribute to our favourite Yuyan =*-*= Yuyan we love you!!

Endou singing one of the songs:

During his speech at the end, you can tell he's trying to hold back his tears, espcially if you watch it you can hear the catches in his voice.  His face was really sweaty, but I don't know if it's actually sweat or if he went backstage and poured water all over it to cool off because his hair's kinda wet too in the front.  Maybe he did it so we can't tell if he's crying?:





2 Caps of the entire cast with Seigaku, St. Rudolph, Yamabuki, and the ichinen...duo?:

After Endou's speech, all of them come out and swarm poor Yuyan:

They ran into the audience (first pic) and went onto the stage that's in the centre of the audience (2nd pic).  I give them bravery marks for daring to go into fangirl turf <.< :

On that stage, the pick Endou up and start tossing him into the air, lol, poor Yuyan looks like he's relieved to get his feet back onto firm ground in the 3rd pic:

After going back to the main stage at the front and taking their last bows, (after the credits have rolled past onscreen) there's a few seconds where Endou is saying something to Yanagi that you can't hear because of all the yelling and cheering and clapping.  But it was so adorable and I think you can guess from their actions the just of what Endou probably said.  The fangirl in me wants to take these pics down the gutter road, lol, but it's Yuyan's graduation, so I'll keep that part in check and just say that although I don't know if they're best friends in real life, they certainly take good care of each other from watching them perform together and the backstage clips.  Endou cares so much for Yanagi and I'm sure Yanagi is the same towards Yuyan.  It's so...warming...to see their heartfelt hugs to each other in SideFudo and here once again in DL2.  Sure here in N. America friends (esp. the girls) just hug at random but these ones have so much more feeling involved...


*sigh* a picture's worth a thousand words, so I've written a giant essay with this post lol.  But Endou, arigato, despite the rocky start you had with tenimyu, despite disliking it at first, I'm glad that you continued.  All the fans love you and we'll miss you!!

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