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Lunch with students - Welcome...

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October 18th, 2012

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03:08 pm - Lunch with students
Today I went to eat lunch in one of the classrooms.  In some of the smaller schools it's very normal for students and teachers to eat lunch together since there would be one lunchroom, but our school is quite big (500+ students, 15 classes, around 30 teachers).  Each class has a homeroom teacher who eats with the class, but the rest of us usually eats in the staff room, but today one of the students asked if I wanted to eat lunch with them so off I went.

It's quite lively in the classrooms while they're eating, lol.  Some of the boys had their rice bowl piled way high, and some students were trying to pass off disliked veggies on friends XD  It was an interesting experience to be sure.  Later, the homeroom teacher of the class I ate with caught up to me in the staffs' room and asked me to come again sometime to eat lunch together :D

Later, the classes were rehearsing for a singing contest for their Cultural Festival.  Every class sings a different song, and all the parents are going to come and watch on that day too.  One of the students who seems to really like chatting with me came up to me as I watched the rehearsals, and asked if I had seen their class singing.  Unfortunately I didn't, but she said I definitely must see it sometime, and that if I'm watching she'd feel more energetic to sing.  I have to say, that made me feel pretty good :D  I joked that I should print our a giant poster of myself then, and stick it in front of them as they sing XD
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