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One day trip to Nagasaki~

Last Saturday I went back to Nagasaki for some Japanese lessons and to see some friends. I made plans with one friend to meet around 10am so I got up bright and early to catch the train from Saga to Nagasaki. It took about an hour and a half to go and I was really sleepy all the way since I was too excited to sleep well the night before.

The place me and my friend had planned to meet was Hamanomachi, a shopping arcade in Nagasaki, and it's also where my previous school is located, so while I was waiting for my friend I saw a bunch of my ex-students coming out as they finished class. They were super surprised to see me as well as my outfit, since usually when I was teaching it was suits all the way, lol.

Me and my friend went to a Russian restaurant where the food was delicious, but I ate too much @__@ I was so full for the entire day XD

Afterwards, I headed to my Japanese lesson. My teacher's family found out I was coming and so when I opened the door to the class my teacher's mom, dad and grandpa were all there waiting to see me. I was so surprised! They're all really nice people, and it was so sweet of them to want to see me :D The class was just me and my teacher so we chatted about my new job, how things were going, how it's different (read; BETTER) than my previous job where I had to sell over-priced CDs and textbooks to students who were already paying an arm and a leg just for lessons.

It was so much fun, and my teacher said she could tell I'm so much happier now than before ^O^

After class my teacher said another student of her's who's also a friend of mine wanted to see me, so we made plans to meet up at a cafe. Actually, the cafe is run by my teacher and her husband, and when I went in my friend was already there. For a while it was just me, my friend, and my teacher's husband who was working so we talked and laughed, and ate some cake and drank some soda. I ordered the Cake Set which came with a cheesecake handmade by my teacher and Rose Soda. It was so elegant, my teacher's husband even made a white rose out of a paper napkin for me and my friend.

Pictures from the Cafe (left to right):
1) My cake set.  You can see the napkin rose on the right side of the picture :D
2) Me with my friend <3
3) Me with my Japanese teacher and co-owner of the cafe (she dropped by a little later too ^^)

Around 6pm I said farewell to my friend and left the cafe to go back to my previous school. Usually on Saturdays they finish at 7pm but one of the teachers works part time so she finished at 6pm and I wanted to see her. As I was waiting for her 3 junior high girls who used to go to my class came out from the school as they had just finished their lessons. It was so awesome to see them again, their class was my favourite one every week. The girls are smart, lively, and so much fun to talk to even though their English is limited, but we always had so much fun in class.

Then the PT teacher came out and we headed off to Starbucks. Over some soy latte and cake we caught up. Before I had quit my job there me and her used to complain about our manager together. She (manager) seems like a really nice lady and all, but I always felt she was kind of fake, and I always hated going out together when she came along. Now I'm so happy I don't have to see her face everyday anymore, but the PT teacher still had to deal with her.

This time, apparently, they had some problems with PT teacher's nails. Both she (PT teacher) and myself like to do nail art and the school/company does allow it as long as it's not really extreme or strange colours. But in the dress code they don't specify what colours are OK, what style is OK, so judgement is left up in the air.  It seems a week or so ago PT teacher came in with her new nails done and a bunch of students complimented her on them, but then the manager said they were inappropriate and PT teacher had to change them. But to change nail art is quite expensive, plus PT teacher didn't feel like her nails were so inappropriate for work, and so the atmosphere between the two is awkward recently. I can totally relate since one time I had a French manicure with the white tips, which I thought was professional enough, I mean a lot of people get white tips for weddings and stuff because it's quite professional right? But then the manager said it wasn't OK, and then later the assistant manager said it WAS OK, so I was like, wtf.

Also, apparently, the manager got pissed after I started my new job because I wrote on my Facebook about which city I had moved to and what my new job is. I have a lot of friends on my Facebook who are students at the previous school, but I don't know what the ex-manager was so upset about, it's not like the students were going to quite her school and move to follow me to my city, plus I was writing on MY Facebook, so how the hell does it affect HER business? I don't know, either way, so glad to be away from her now.

Around 7pm I went back to the school to see the other teachers as they were finishing up for the day. I could see their new posters up for the new campaigns (in Japan, campaigns means selling campaigns, as in, they say there's some great sale or deal you can sign up for). I was retardedly happy I didn't have to worry about any of that anymore, no more ridiculous goals to meet like 180%, no more trying to shove materials down my students' throats, no more harassing them week after week to buy.

I enjoyed talking to the other teachers, and I got to meet my replacement too. She's really young and so energetic, reminded me of myself when I first started. I too was so enthusiastic, and thought the old-timers' complaints were over-stated. She seemed really nice, so hopefully I'll get to hang out with her sometime and get to know her a little more.

And then I took the train back home to Saga. All in all a busy but extremely happy day, I laughed so much my cheeks hurt the next day XDD  I'm looking forward to going back again, maybe around Xmas for my Japanese teacher's school Xmas party :D

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