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Hangman~! (Not "Hey man!" ...)

Today was actually kind of busy.  I had 5 classes, which was the most I've had since I've started working here, but compared to the previous job 5 classes is a walk in the park.

In one of the classes there was me, the main teacher, and another Japanese English teacher teaching together today.  The kids had a speaking test so the main teacher split the class into 3 groups with each of the teachers in charge of doing the test with about 12 students.  So the other two teachers took their groups to other parts of the school for the test and I stayed in the classroom...with 12 junior high first grade kids.  And my Japanese isn't that great.  So, I was slightly nervous to say the least.

We got through the test no problem, the kids did really well and I could tell some of them had studied really hard for it.  Some were so nervous, I felt kind of bad since it wasn't such a big deal, just a short self intro.

But then came my big problem.  I was left with about 20 minutes after their test, and no Japanese English teacher to help out, and not prepared with any activities to kill time.  What to do, what to do...?  I couldn't do anything too complex as my Japanese level wouldn't allow it, and their English level was even worse than my Japanese level, so running through my short list of games suitable for junior high school kids I decided to play Hangman XDD  So we ended up playing hangman for 20 minutes, and afterwards the kids said they had fun (mostly cuz they got stickers for winning against me XDD).  

I'm quite proud I managed a 12 student class of junior high school kids without having things falling apart, lol.  And I'm so grateful the kids were cooperative.  When they said something I didn't understand they'd all try to come up with a way to explain it so I'd get it.
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