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BL fangirls at me school <3

I had the most entertaining day today :D

I was helping some kids with English reading practice after school and when I was leaving a group of 5 girls came running up to me in the hall asking to see this folder I was holding. The folder has a picture from the anime Hakuouki on it, I bought it because I knew that walking around with it from class to class it'll be a good conversation starter for the kids that also like anime.

Anyway, these girls also knew this anime and we started talking about which anime we like, the characters we liked, shopping at Animate, etc., etc. Two of the girls were hardcore otaku, and watched a whole bunch of anime regularly, the other three were more casual watchers. After awhile one of the otakus pulled the other otaku to the side and they whispered something for a few moments then came back to us. One of the otakus sidled up to me and, between giggle fits, asked me which pairing I liked in the anime Kuroshitsuji.

From the way the two hardcore anime lovers were acting I had a feeling I knew why she asked that question. I told them the truth, I liked the Sebastian and Ciel pairing the most (Sebastian's a butler, Ciel's his young, male, master) and the two burst out laughing.

Then one of them asked me, "先生、腐女子ですか?" ("Teacher, are you a fujoshi?").

For those not in the BL fandom a "腐女子/fujoshi" is a girl who likes BL/Boys Love/少年愛/boyxboy comics or anime.

When I told them yes, I do like BL, they started squeeing and double glomped me XD And then there was this waterfall of questions about which pairings I liked in the other animes I've seen. One of the girls said she had a feeling I was into BL because of the types of anime I liked, Hetalia, Kuroshitsuji, Ouran, Hakuouki, all anime with incredibly slash-able characters and with huge BL fandoms.

We ended up talking for about an hour about anime, and I'm sure word's going to spread amongst the anime fans at the school, lol. あぁ、楽しかった!

And thank you to "The Ultimate Yaoi Fangirl Song" for informing me of the word "fujoshi", otherwise I wouldn't have known what it meant since we don't use it in the English BL fandoms (we use "BL fangirls" instead of "fujoshi").
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