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Seasons are changing~

I wish the weather would cool down already.  We have mornings and evenings usually hovering between 15C and 20C, but then during the day it gets up to around 25C.  So in the morning I'm shivering as I go to school, but I know if I wear something thicker I'll be stifling in the teachers' room by lunchtime >__<

I think around 20C is when it's most comfortable, a light jacket if there's a wind but otherwise it's cool enough for pants, but if I really want to wear a skirt I can make it work too.

I have a lot more skirts than I used to in Canada.  I almost never wore skirts in Canada, just jeans.  Nowadays for work I'm still mostly pants, but on my days off I bought a lot of punk-y or alice-motif skirts to wear.  It's just with skirts I either have to wear stockings with heels or sandals if I don't want to wear stockings, and I HATE stockings with a passion.  But the good thing with skirts is that the waist is usually elastic so the size is much more open.  I do want to get some of the one-piece dresses from Tenjin, but usually with those the waist and chest area are way too tight for me (and in this style they seem to adore the high waist, so I end up looking pregnant since it cinches right under the bust and then spreads out).

It's hard to believe that before back in high school and first year uni I couldn't care less about clothes.  I just wore jeans and t-shirts almost daily, never looked at a fashion magazine, never complained I didn't have enough clothes to wear, and I used to really detest clothes shopping because of having to try things on and stuff.  Nowadays I still hate the actual trying on part, but I love shopping for clothes (that I like...shopping for work clothes is no fun).  And more than once I've thought to myself I have nothing to wear when I actually have a crazy amount of clothes for one person.  I remember the first time I discovered the lolita/gothic styles, I thought they looked beautiful but that I'd look so ridiculous in it and so I would just admire pictures from the internet.  And then the first time I actually tried a piece on it looked so odd on me since I wasn't used to seeing myself with lace and frills.  I guess the mind does need time to adjust to the image of what we have of ourselves.
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