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My FIRST ball-jointed doll!! - Welcome...

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March 20th, 2012

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01:20 am - My FIRST ball-jointed doll!!


I've been wanting one of these babies since university, and after years (literally) of pinning after them I'm finally getting one!!  I placed the order last weekend.  I bought a doll, with face-up and body blushing (some people buy just a blank doll and paint the face and body themselves but since this is my first doll I've decided to get the company to do it), along with a few outfits, some furniture, wigs, eyes (yes, we can change the eyes so I ordered some different colours), and accessories like glasses, necklaces, etc.

Everything else arrived yesterday but the doll's going to take about 2 months since they have to hand make it and the paint job.  I'm so excited I don't even care I have to wait!  Just dreaming about it and thinking up names and stories behind my baby's going to keep me busy until he gets here :D

The doll I decided upon is from the Korean brand, Dollmore, and it's their Model line, Kyle Reese doll.  I don't quite remember how I got interested in BJDs but I know that since the first moment I laid eyes on Kyle he was the one I wanted.  I'm not sure why, many BJDs are insanely gorgeous, but I always came back to Kyle (although I also hovered over Dollmore's Kara Klum who's from the Adam line, and SD sized which is around 60cm).  I've seen other peoples' customized face-ups for Kyle and it seems whatever face-up he gets he always looks lovely.  He's over 70cm so quite big for a first doll, but I'm not planning to take him out a lot so it should be ok;


I know most people think of dolls as Barbies or those porcelain dolls, either for kids or high-end collectors, but these BJDs are a little different.  Their joints are connected using balls usually (hence the name) so they're highly pose-able and also customize-able.   We can paint their faces ourselves, change hands, feet, switch heads and bodies, wigs, eyes, basically they can be any character we'd like.  Also, they come in various sizes.  At 70+cm Kyle is one of the bigger ones though there are even bigger ones on the market, and they can be very tiny and small too.  Some people buy dozens, making stories around the dolls and inventing complicated relationships between the dolls.  It's common for owners to come up with background stories for the dolls too, giving them personalities and such.  I haven't decided on a personality for Kyle, or even settled on a name yet (though I'm really liking "Jae"...any suggestions for names?), but he looks very gentle and elegant...so I'm thinking he's going to be coming from a high class background with some expensive tastes.

Ooh I can't wait for him to get here!!! 

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Date:March 19th, 2012 09:29 pm (UTC)
oooh sounds like fun! i haven't seen these in a while~ my friend used to be super into the dolls, and she'd paint the faces and stuff herself (she is very artistic), have playtime with other dolls, pose them, stories, relationships etcetc. she always got the japanese ones.. oh gosh, they were so gorgeous.
remember to post pics of your baby when he arrives and you dress him up and everything! :DD
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Date:March 21st, 2012 02:10 pm (UTC)
Yo!! Long time no chat!! Still hanging out in Ottawa these days??

Wow, really?! Was this friend in Ottawa? They're so expensive so in university I was like "yeah, no way, this will just be one of my dream possessions that I'll never actually get" but apparently I've looked at enough of them to be dulled to the price shock XD

I'm hoping my ache for getting one will be satisfied with just 1 doll, possibly 2 at most? I know some people get like, a dozen to fill different characters they have in mind or whatnot, but I think my tiny apartment can't even begin to hold so many of them (not to mention the dent in my wallet they'd make).

I'll definitely be posting up photos once he comes in, I got the box with his clothes and stuff already, it arrived super fast after I placed the order, now just waiting for the actual doll. But just the clothes have my eyes glowing, they're so gorgeous I wish they made them for my size!!

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