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June 19th, 2011

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 It is infinitely irritating when one is trying to lose weight to fit into clothes and yet the clothing measurements don't match up to what my measuring tape says!!  Ever since I've come to Japan I've been a steady "Large" according to their clothing measurements (in Canada that was considered a Medium) so today, in an attempt to motivate myself to lose weight, I went to Yumesaito and bought some M-sized and S-sized tank tops and dress shirts. I also bought a pair of M-sized pants.

I didn't actually expect to FIT into the M-sized clothes, much less the S-sized ones, but here's where my irritation begins.

The M-sized shirts claim that bust is 79cm-86cm (31in-34in).
The M-sized pants claim waist is 64cm and hips are 91cm (25in and 36in).
The S-sized shirts claim that bust is 77cm-83cm (30.5in-32.5in).

Ok, no probs. So I measured myself.
My bust (fullest part of the chest) is a 93cm (36.5in).
My waist (narrowest part below the breats and above the hips) is a 72cm (28.5in).

Clearly according to those measurements I was not suppose to fit into anything I bought. AND YET I FIT INTO ALL OF THEM AND, aside from the pants, QUITE COMFORTABLY. O________O;;;;

The pants were a tight squeeze on the upper thighs but if I really wanted to I could still wear them.

WHAT THE FREAKING HELL?!?!?!? Now I have NO idea what measurements I should be aiming for since apparently clothing companies like to pull random numbers out of a hat when it comes to labeling their clothes!! Either that or they're measuring some other part of the body I have no idea about.


On a happy note though I now have a bunch of new clothes I can wear XDD
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Date:June 20th, 2011 11:46 am (UTC)
Yeah, I know back in Canada the stores' sizes were all over the place, like a size 8 here is a size 10 there etc. but I figured that was because different stores used different measurements. I mean if you think about it the sizing is basically the association of a random number with a measurement chosen at some person's liking, because there's no rule that says if your waist is 22inches it equals a size 0...I mean what the hell is a size 0 anyway? Sounds like you don't have a waist or something.

But here in Japan they label clothing using either S, M, L or actual body measurements in centimetres, so I thought if I just use my body measurements then it should match the clothes. Apparently though these clothing stores are using a different kind of measuring tape than me or something :/
Date:June 4th, 2012 06:25 am (UTC)


I can't stand that clothes in America are so big (for guys at least). I've tried on smalls that are not small at all. I'm 5'5 and some smalls go past my ass, and just hang off me like a drape or something. I also hate that a lot of companies don't make extra smalls, but will make triple extra larges. And not only that, they also make "big and tall" sections! What the hell? Are you serious? It's so ridiculous. Companies could make more money if they made their clothes smaller I think. They would spend less on material and more people would buy them. Lower costs + higher revenue = great business plan.

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