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East Asia and the environment - Welcome...

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May 20th, 2011

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01:10 am - East Asia and the environment
"Climate change sceptics might not like to admit it, but Asia is embracing environmentally-friendly technologies."

Yeah, well one only has to visit Beijing in mid-summer to find out why this is extremely good news.  Gray, smoggy skies are not my idea of good living standards no matter how tall those skyscrapers get, or how many Olympic Games the country hosts.  I didn't take this photo of the Olympic Stadium in Beijing but basically for the first few days I was there last year in August this was what the city looked like.  If I hadn't actually gone there myself I wouldn't have believed pollution could actually reach these levels O__o;;

(And just a note, I actually got this photo from the EpochTimes website, you know, the FaLunGong sponsored newspaper/website that I liked to read just to laugh at how ludicrous they are back in Canada?  Yeah, I may hate their guts but China's pollution really needs to be kicked into high gear, though unlike the FLG I think the CCP is capable of doing that if they would just put their foot down on the issue.)

I do think the East Asian countries have a bit of a leg up on Western countries in this area though.  I mean back in Canada, even though environmental issues have taken on more importance in recent years, there still are some who run around claiming that environmental issues don't exist and it's all a myth concocted to allow governments to impose carbon taxes and the likes...because those big, bad governments are so conniving and devious.  Something along those lines anyway.  

Yet here in Japan, and also when I went to visit China, I never heard a peep out of anyone doubting that environmental issues are real and do indeed require immediate attention.  People over in the Western hemisphere don't particularly like the "follow the leader" mentality a lot of East Asian cultures have (and to be honest it sometimes makes me wary too, I mean all it takes is one screwy leader and the whole system unravels) but I think on certain issues like this one it's actually quite beneficial.

Anyway, just keeping my fingers crossed that that clean technology hurries up before the Earth turns into one massive toxic landfill.  Heaven forbid other cities start resembling that photo up there...

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Date:May 21st, 2011 11:44 pm (UTC)
This is a big problem that China and the whole world face.

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