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 I just realized it's been around a month and a half since I updated this journal O__o;;  It's so weird that I just noticed because I've been coming everyday, mostly to check out community updates and stuff,

Well anyway, I'm back and hopefully the next updates won't be so far apart.  I remember back in university I used to update like, everyday or at least every week, recently I've kind of fallen out of the LJ circles for some reason D:

So, a lot has happened since my last update in mid-March.  My mom came to Japan for a visit at the end of March and we had a great week together.  It was kind of short but fun :D  We didn't go anywhere too far since I had to work for 2 of the days she was here but she got to try some Japanese food, meet my co-workers and some of the students and we also went to Yufuin for a hot spring Japanese hotel.  That was an awesome experience, and really relaxing for both of us.  My mom really liked Japan and was happy to see I had more-or-less settled into my life here.  

Aside from that nothing really new has been happening.  I recently got in the Korean pop group Tohoshinki/DBSK/TVXQ/东方神起 (so many names for them, lol).  I know they split up due to contract issues with 2 members carrying on as Tohoshinki and the other 3 forming a new group called JYJ, but I like them back when they were 5 together.  I've been scouring youtube for video clips of their interviews and variety show appearances, as well I downloaded like, 50GB of their stuff from veryCD.  Some of my students at school are also fans of them so when we see each other it's like a fangirl fest of squeals and giggles XD  I've seen some of their concert DVDs (thanks to one of my students :3) and they're pretty good, but mostly I like watching them good around during interviews or on talk shows. 
I first watched their Banjun drama "Dangerous Love" a few years ago while I was still in university (you can watch it on youtube here).  Even though at the time I didn't know anything about them except that they were a famous K-pop group I downloaded the show because it hinted quite blatantly at this one couple between 2 of the members and I never was one to pass up a chance to see 2 cute boys together...that way XD.  So I knew they existed back a few years ago, but I didn't really look that much into it until recently.  I knew if I dug into them it'd be all too easy to fall into the fandom (5 cute/hot guys dancing around and looking smexy?  Come on, it's just far too easy, lol) and then there'd be the constant urge to buy their goods, tape their pictures all over the place and just fall into the whirlwind of being a fan, so I tried to stay away...but I guess that was a bit of a bust  OTL  Oh well, what can you do ^^;;

Anyway, now it's Golden Week (YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY~) so I'm just enjoying some time off.  Don't really have any big plans or anything, but this Sunday I'm going to dinner at a student's place, and next Wednesday me and some students are heading to Fukuoka to see Takarazuka (Snow Troupe) perform "Rock ON!".  It's going to be so exciting, I can't wait!!  Then after the show I'm going to stay in Fukuoka for the rest of the day to do some shopping :D
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