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Happy Chinese New Year from brightly lit Nagasaki~!


Happy Chinese New Year everyone~!!  

The year of the tiger has come and gone and today we welcomed the year of the rabbit!!  As with last year, Nagasaki welcomes this joyous occasion with their annual Lantern Festival and the shopping arcade that my school is located in lit up tonight with hundreds of lanterns from the traditional red ones to giant ones that took the shape of dragons, phoenixes, and characters from Chinese folklores, history, and mythologies.

It's kind of strange but I think this may be one of the times when I've missed being in Canada the most.  When I was in Canada during Chinese New Year (or any other Chinese festival like the Moon Festival, but New Year's the biggest celebration) I'd spend it with my Chinese friends, and we'd all gather together eating traditional food like dumplings and just enjoying being together; the closest we have to family away from our families.  The Chinese Students Association at the university would also have celebrations, gathering the members together and all the people really make the atmosphere seem like the celebration I remember it to be.

Here though I don't have anyone else who's Chinese and who I can celebrate with.  I mean my co-workers and students will say "happy new year!" to me but since none of them actually really celebrate it it's not quite the same thing.  This weekend I'm planning to go to the Lantern Festival with friends though so I'm looking forward to eating some delicious sesame balls and pork buns *O*

(Also need to find a site to download the CNY Gala, 春节联欢晚会, I know the people in China don't really watch it anymore and a lot of people say the ones in recent years suck but when you're not in the midst of the festivities everything counts :3 )
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