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New journal background :)

 It's been awhile since I last changed the background of my blog  OTL

koneko_desu (click on the image to go to my blog to see full-sized image)

This time the theme's slightly darker, starring Dr. Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds :3 (I think I may be slightly obsessed O_O)

I wanted to use a screencap of a scene in episode1x18 with him and Lila (the actress).  After the (infamous) kissing-in-the-pool scene where she ends up getting mad at him Reid adopts this incredibly adorable puppy-dog look.  I couldn't screencap it in high enough resolution for a good blog background though so I re-drew Reid anime-style XD

Here's the original screencap that I based my drawing off of, granted I added some teary sparkles in his eyes because...well no one can resist teary-eyed Reid;
Tags: art, lj update
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