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January 24th, 2011

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02:08 pm - Origami before dawn :X
Couldn't sleep last night so on a whim I grabbed some origami paper I had and googled some fun projects to do.  Apparently at 5am I enjoy making paper bookmarks and decoration for my Japanese lesson folder <__<;;

Here's the batch I made, I only had patterned paper and no solid colours so some of the ones I wanted to try (like animals) didn't turn out too well (cherry blossomed mice just don't look quite right OTL):

3 heart shaped bookmarks, a swan, 2 framed hearts - one with a fox and one decorated using a purikura of myself, and a (giant) cherry blossom.


The framed heart with the fox was 2 origimai put together. 

>> Fox (I couldn't find where I found the instructions for the fox so I just uploaded the diagram I used for anyone that wanted to try.  It's really easy.) 
>> Heart (I cut off the top corner of the heart and slid the fox using some doublesided tape to keep it in place.)



This is the same framed heart as above except I put in a purikura of myself and added some stickers.  As you can see in the second photo if you tape the back to something (in my case it's one of the dividers in my Japanese folder) you can use it as a small holder for some notes or something :3



These are my faves, heart bookmarks :D  You can also fold in the sides so it's just a heart as shown in the third photo with the big heart.
Here's the instructions for making these little dears, found on this website.  As you can see I brought out the scissors after the folding was finished and added some personal touches :)


[EDIT]: Newest userpic in my collection pays tribute to a smexy, wet (and anthrax infected TAT) Dr. Reid, god I love his eyes...

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Date:January 26th, 2011 04:20 am (UTC)


I spied your facebook and I didn't know you had a blog!! I'm so following you now. You can lurk on mine if you'd like sweethiyoko.blogspot.com
I like your origamis (plural? or is it like...moose?), I was inspired to make an origami platypus not too long ago ^-^ really freaking hard for me lol. Are you still teaching???

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