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January 17th, 2011

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09:08 am - Kids :3
 Look what one of my students in my kids' class drew for me~ (the pixelated area is her name, I photoshopped it out)

Isn't it adorable?  :D  Sometimes the children in my kids' classes can be so sweet.  I think actually when it comes to kids' classes I'm quite lucky.  Most of my students are really well-behaved and smart, and I can see them trying so hard in class even though there's the language barrier preventing them from understanding a lot of what I say (and preventing me from understanding them when they ramble at me in Japanese, lol).

 I'm not really a kids person, I think the first few times I had kids' classes I went through like, a mini-panic attack before each class, and usually when I'm at school just hearing the kids voices that signals their arrival makes me kind of stiffen.  I don't know why but I've never really gotten that warm fuzzy feeling when looking at babies or kids that I guess a lot of people get, I'm the one that looks at a baby and things he/she looks like an alien and wonders why others 'coo' and 'aww' over him/her.  I mean I can understand the parents doing it, it's their baby, of course they'll think he/she's the cutest in the world, but personally I prefer puppies...or kitties...things with fur XDD  Needless to say I've decided quite a few years ago that making my own babies in the future is about as probably as my winning the lottery, highly unlikely unless something drastic happens.

Having said all that though, once in awhile my kids (students) does something like this that makes me all warm and gooey inside, and I think if maybe the language barrier wasn't there I wouldn't be so phobic of my kids' lessons either.  It's frustrating sometimes when I can see my students don't understand something and I want to explain but can't.  

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