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Birthday report :D - Welcome... — LiveJournal

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January 10th, 2011

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05:35 am - Birthday report :D
 So I had my birthday last week.  It was really good, I had a lot of fun and got a ton of birthday wishes from friends and family :D

I had to work that day but after work me and my co-workers went out for dinner together.  We had a really great time just hanging out.  I got some lovely birthday messages in the card they gave me, plus a really cute and comfy pajama shirt.  The restaurant also gave me a birthday dessert that was really yummy :)

On my birthday a parcel from my mother also came (lucky it arrived on my birthday too~).  She sent me this huge box of chocolates, Lindor, Ferrero Rocher, Turtles and Quality Street.  Lindor and Ferrero Rocher are my favourite chocolates and usually every year around Christmas they sell a lot of them in the stores so we always buy some. In Japan I actually haven't seen any for sale, so I was really happy to get some from my mom :D  She included a $5 Canadian and American bill.  For some reason seeing the $5 Canadian bill made me a little nostalgic for Canada.  I kind of just stared at it for a few minutes remembering my previous birthdays and Christmas holidays back there.

Here're my presents from my mom and co-workers (click to enlarge) :3

Today I got 2 more presents from a friend.  She knows I like Mizu Natsuki from Takarazuka so she gave me a postcard with a message on the back plus a pair of cute butterfly earrings.  They're so adorable =^w^=

And today I also gave myself a little present of sorts.  I had been wanting to get another piercing on my ear so today I finally went and (with the help of the friend who got me the postcard and earrings) bought one of these disposable piercers (they're really easy to find in Japan, accessory shops, drug stores all carry them.  Apparently a lot of people do ear piercings themselves here).  So now I have 2 piercings in my left ear (the picture's flipped because I took it in the mirror).  I think I want to try for 3 piercings in one ear and 2 in the other, this one was kind of a test-run to see a) how these piercers worked and b) if I could actually do it myself.  It wasn't as bad as I thought.  I remember when I got my first 2 piercings I think I went to Ardene or Clair, and it didn't hurt so much.  This time was pretty much the same, a quick pinch and then it was done, but I have noticed my pain tolerance level is pretty high so maybe that's why I didn't feel it hurt that much. (You can see in the picture I'm wearing the butterfly earring my friend gave me today too :3)

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Date:January 12th, 2011 10:14 am (UTC)
Happy belated birthday, :3

Glad you had fun. <3 It sounded awesome and even more so with the piercings. I'm not game enough to do it myself. ;A; I rather head to the chemist to mine done, although DIY sets are popular in Japan.

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