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December craziness

 December is always such a crazy month, lol.  I had 2 Christmas parties in the last 2 weeks, and 1 more week to go at work before the New Years' Holiday kicks in (they don't have X-mas holiday here in Japan, just New Years).

I'm not sure why but yesterday after I came home from my 2nd Christmas party (which was insanely fun :D) all of a sudden I came down with a headache.  It was like the weirdest feeling, I was just sitting in front of my laptop being all happy from the party, then BAM!  My head started pounding and I felt dizzy and nauseated.  I thought maybe it was a cold, but it doesn't seem to be since I don't have any other symptoms, just a headache.

Today I stayed in bed all day watching Law and Order: Criminal Intent, which actually I think made me feel worse.  My headache's still here and now my whole body's sore plus I kept having these nightmares when I drifted off to sleep where I was a victim on CI or something -____-;;

I do, however, have something to feel so ecstatic about :D  I weighed myself today and found I was 59.5 kg (~131lbs)!!  It's the first time I've got my weight down below 60kg since I came to Japan, yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy~!  Granted it's only .5 kg lol.

Ugh, I hope this headache goes away by Tuesday when I have to start work again, just 1 more week to go before the holidays~~~!
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