koneko_desu (koneko_desu) wrote,

Hooking up Japanese VISA to Paypal possible?

 PAYPAL Question this tiiii~me~

So apparently it's next to impossible to get makeup from US based online stores shipped to Japan without going through a shopping service that'll cost an arm and a leg ($30+ for shipping on makeup that costs like...$20?  Rii~ght).  It seems the only viable alternative is ebay.com but I've run into a slight snag in that most sellers there accept only Paypal and as far as I know I can't hook my Japanese bank account up to my paypal account.  My last thread of hope is if I can hook up a Japanese VISA to my paypal.

I searched a bit and apparently it should be ok, Paypal does have a Japanese site (paypal.jp though oddly it doesn't offer Japanese option, just English and French) so I'd assume it's do-able, but before I either try to apply for a VISA here or ask a friend to use his/her VISA, I just want to double check.  

Has anyone done this before?
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