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The charm of androgyny

The other day I was watching a Japanese drama, Peacemaker Kurogane, and one of the actors in it caught my eye in a "Whoa! Stop! Rewind! Replay!" kind of way.  It wasn't really because his acting was so amazing, but more so his looks, or more specifically his makeup style in that particular scene that caught my eye.

Now, I've been watching Japanese dramas for a few years and so I've seen my fair share of "pretty boys", or "bishounen" as they're called in Japanese so nowadays I don't really bat an eyelash at seeing them anymore, but still, this one caught my eye and it got my brain ticking over why I have this fascination with either boys that look feminine or, in the case of Takarazuka, girls that look...masculine but still feminine...does that make sense at all?

First of all, here's a picture of the scene that started it all:

So, a dab of lipstick, some eyeshadow (it's kind of hard to see since his eyes are open in the picture but he's got a hint of red eyeshadow near the outer corners of his eyes that look really beautiful when he blinks or is looking down), neatly shaped brows, very...kirakira (sparkle sparkle) XD

Now in the drama he's a shinobi (ninja) so when he's trying to sneak information from women he puts on this kirakira display to woo it out of them (or so I guess), but usually he doesn't have such...feminine makeup on.  The interesting thing is that little bit of makeup makes all the difference it seems because when I see him without it I think he's pretty, but not enough to STOP! REWIND! REPLAY! yet with it...I stopped, rewound and replayed for like...30 minutes -__-;;

It's very puzzling to me.  Thinking back, my first crush was actually on a girl, an anime girl at that.  Haruka Tenoh or Sailor Uranus from Sailor Moon (pictured on right).  It wasn't just that she acted like a boy, but that she had the look of a beautiful boy, yet with an added feminine charm.  Granted it was because originally the mangaka of Sailor Moon had intended for Haruka to be an otokoyaku top star of Takarazuka with Michiru as her musumeyaku counterpart, so that explains a lot, but still, I mean, why didn't I find Mamoru (Darien in the English version, Mr. Tuxedo Mask) that attractive?  I mean he's a good looking guy, and hell, it's anime so aside from some colour difference their faces didn't look all that different anyway.  So exactly why did Haruka appeal to me (and apparently a lot of other girls too) so much more than Mamoru?

It's not that I'm attracted to guys that crossdress, I mean I think Hizuki from the Visual Kei band Versailles and Mana from Malice Mizer are very beautiful when they're all dolled up, but it doesn't really do anything for me other than a visual admiration for their beauty.  Yet boys/men like Gackt manages to catch my eye (though with Gackt I think I've gotten used to his prettiness so it doesn't stun me when I see his pictures anymore).  I also noticed that my androgyny kick is upped another notch when they add in some beautiful long hair on these pretty boys like when they portray samurais (the first pretty boy pictured up there actually has a pony tail behind him which made my eyes twinkle like little stars *-*).

So basically I guess in a nutshell, where looks are concerned I like my boys pretty enough not to look ridiculous with makeup on and I like my girls looking like those pretty boys but not like...girly-girl feminine yet not butch (Takarazuka's otokoyakus seems to have hit the right mix where my preferences are concerned).

Geez...complicated much?  Someone mentioned in one of my earlier posts that perhaps it's because as women some of us get sick and tired of that whole "I'm a man so I must act manly and tough so if you're a (straight) man and your hand so much as brushes against my hand I must reaffirm my masculinity by spazzing out!" and I think it is true to an extent.  I mean I don't consciously feel sick of it, I'm not around guys like that to irritate me to any extent, but some guys do give off that vibe, yet that can't be all that drives my preferences can it?  And besides I think those types of men are limited to only some parts of the world in certain circles.  Maybe I just like pretty things and people...just aesthetically speaking perhaps I have something in me that makes me lean towards the pretties.  Hmm...

Ah, c'est trop compliqué!  
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