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October 11th, 2010

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11:26 pm - Bio Park fun~
 Ok, second post.  More cracky and less serious.

Today I went to a Bio Park with some friends and co-workers, it was smaller than the zoo's I've visited before (namely Toronto Zoo and Beijing Zoo) but I really liked it because I didn't have to walk all day until my legs almost fell off to see all the animals.  We were also able to feed and pet a lot of the animals which was really fun.  The one animal I was really psyched to see was the Capybara (Capybara-san or Capybara-sama as we have taken to calling them XD).  So, anyway, onto the photos (click to enlarge)~

My omiyage~  I got a big Capybara-san and a tiny one, adorable no?  XD


Two co-workers with a lemur.  The picture on the right the Japanese says "Kiyayaya~" (it was suppose to say "Kyaaaa~" but...haha ^^;;).  I took the photo just as the black lemur was passing by and scared my co-worker :3

Here we have a sheep that one of my student's trying to pet/poke and a turtle (that's me taking a picture of the turtle >__>;;)

 And then a Red Panda (Lesser Panda) with me flailing in the corner, a llama...or alpaca...don't know for sure, too far to see XD, and some adorable otters.  The caption for the Otters say "RabuRabu" meaning "lovelove" <3

Now some Grey Kangaroos and a Mara.  
The one I'm petting has the caption "Watashi no mimi T^T" meaning "My ears T^T" since I didn't realize I was like...flattening his/her ears when I took the photo.
The one my American co-worker's petting has the caption "Yes, My lord" a play off of Kuroshitsuji *bricked*
And the last one is a Mara...which we initially thought was a long-legged Capybara <__<;;

Last but definitely not least, the star of the show, CAPYBARA-SAMAAAAAAA~ (my co-worker said they look like potatoes...they kind of do XD)
First one says "Nemui~" meaning "Sleepy~"
Second on "Mabushi..." meaning "Bright..."
I really want one for a pet, they're so...uncaring it's funny XD

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Date:October 12th, 2010 06:24 am (UTC)


OMG! I saw some pictures of the capybaras in advertisements for the zoo, but I had no idea what they even were! Ahaha, they do resemble potatoes a little bit... :P

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