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China/Japan row and the Nobel Peace Prize - Welcome...

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October 11th, 2010

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10:41 pm - China/Japan row and the Nobel Peace Prize
 Ok, so I have 2 posts I need to make, first one's going to be serious regarding some recent issues over China and the second one following this post is going to be about my day at the Bio Park with some co-workers and friends.  I decided to split the post instead of putting it together because the two topics are so vastly separate subjects.

Alright, first up, China.


Honestly since I've started this job I've almost (ALMOST) completely removed my mind from the world of politics.  I mean yeah I glance over CBC once in awhile but nowhere near how often I checked the news when I was back in uni.  They say ignorance is bliss and where politics is concerned I definitely think that saying holds true.  Unfortunately, however, it seems I can't quite shut my eyes to that part of life, so through the grapevines I heard about the recent China - Japan row over the captain guy and the more immediate controversy over the Nobel Peace Prize.

Regarding the incident with the Chinese captain that rammed a boat into a Japanese safety patrol, I personally disagree with China's stance.  I realize the waters he was in is controversial in and of itself with China, Japan and Taiwan all staking claiming to the islands there, but here's the thing.  If a foreigner had rammed a boat into a Chinese patrol, be it on purpose or accidental, I think China as well as the Chinese people would want that person held and tried in a Chinese court, because those whom he/she harmed are Chinese citizens.

Likewise then, I think it should hold that since it was a Chinese captain that rammed into a Japanese boat then he should have been handed over to the Japanese authorities to persecute.  It doesn't really matter if he did it on purpose or if it was an accident, the people who were the victims were Japanese nationals, not Chinese, and I think it's ludicrous to hand perpetrators over to the country where there are no victims to press charges.  The Japanese courts could have found out if it was an accident or a purposeful act, and if the Chinese side were afraid of mistrials or whatnot they could have asked for a compromise from the Japanese to allow Chinese diplomats to sit in on the trial (or sent a Chinese lawyer on the captain's behalf, or something).  To forcefully demand the perpetrator back is...distasteful, and it makes me wonder what kind of precedent this sets if such a thing happened again in the future.  

China is a rising power yet I had hoped that it would use it's growing influence wisely and honourably, to set an example that a country that holds great power in its hands doesn't necessarily have to be a threat by abusing such power, but this doesn't seem like the way to go.  This seems more like the bullying we're used to seeing from a certain other superpower and I don't like it one bit.  

As for the captain, if the incident was an accident then there's not much we can do, but if he actually did do it on purpose for whatever reason I think he ought to be ashamed of himself.  He caused his homeland extreme grief over his cause, jeopardizing already fragile relations with a neighbouring country, and wasted the governments time.  If he had somehow predicted the reaction from the Chinese people over his case (not really hard considering the history of protests against Japan in China over every little thing), which I'm sure contributed to the government's harsh stance to bring the captain back, he should be jailed for placing the government in such a position that they either had to listen to their people and suffer another smear on their reputation internationally or risk losing national support while bowing to international pressures (because from the news reports I saw not many countries in the West thought well of China's actions over this incident).  

So, that's that one.  Next up, Nobel Peace Prize.

First of all, I don't really care much for the Nobel Peace Prize.  Unlike the Nobel Prizes for things like science peace is...well peace brings with it a lot of baggage of the political nature.  So, when I first heard they gave the NPP (Nobel Peace Prize) this year to a dude that China jailed I kind of just shook my head internally and thought "here we go again".

So, this dude, Liu Xiaobo, I took a peak at his profile on BBC.com and made it about 3/4 down the page before I gave up.  A poster boy for those that love to hate the CCP I'm sure.  Participated in TianAnMen 1989, demanding multi-party democracy instead of one-party system in China, blah, blah, blah, same thing we've been hearing ever since...well ever since the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) won the civil war really.  Today the lovely Dalai Lama also threw in his two cents worth saying the CCP "do no appreciate different opinions".  Yeah, well appreciating doesn't mean agreeing and where Mr. Lama's concerned I can rant over him for hours.  Then again, he's the perfect person to comment since he's also won the NPP (in 1989) and is also hated by the CCP.  He won the NPP for his works towards "peace" and yet decades before he headed a CIA sponsored operation to split Tibet from China, allowing himself to be a pawn in the battle of ideology between Communism and Capitalism/Democracy while donning on a face of a living Buddha that wanted no violence.  Ri~ght, now there's someone who deserves the NPP.

If I was the CCP here's what I'd do.  Tell any media that comes knocking for comments that I disagree with their choice, but whatever, there's no clause in the choosing of NPP winners to be objective and non-biased anyway.  Then tell them I have better things to do like how to figure out how to make the lives of my people better instead of bickering with them over one person who thinks Westernized democracy is perfect for a country that's so vastly different than any Western country, because hey, if I as a one-party system can make the lives of 1/5 of the world's population prosperous then screw all those critics including this one man who says their system's better.

Seriously, I don't understand why the CCP is getting all twisted up over something like this when they know these kinds of people exist.  I mean this one guy gets some media time because some dudes in  Norway thought he deserved it, but the CCP already knows that basically the entire Western hemisphere hates them, so why waste time on this?  The more they fight it and make a big deal the more it's going to give these people ammunition to point and say "HAH!  We were right!  The CCP doesn't respect human rights at all!  Look at how they're treating this poor, brave man who just wants democracy and human rights for the Chinese people!!".  This dude and his wife, Liu Xia, why bother even keeping them in China?  Since all these Western countries love them so much boot them over to one of those places, 2 less mouths for China to feed, less kurfluffle, let them rant and rave and keep their little activist activities going, just like all those escapees from TianAnMen 1989 that fled to foreign countries and stayed there.  Nowadays no one even gives a glance at them anymore except maybe around June 4th on the anniversary of the incident they might come out and say a line or two on an interview or something.  

Just accept the fact that some people hear Chinese Communist Party and they wrinkle their nose (just like how Russia will always be on the end of jokes about countries that oppress human rights, even though now it's a democracy already).  It's the success of the Western propaganda against Communism and yeah, it's worked like a charm given that it's had over half a century to work.  Hell even for me, when I hear "Communism" it's somehow surrounded by this dark, gloomy, ominous glow, but "Democracy"...well I can practically hear the fanfare that accompanies that word.  Know it, accept it, but just keep doing what you have to, basically making a better future for the Chinese people.  Who cares if some of them rant and rave that your Satanic spawns, torturing your citizens in deep dark dungeons?  You can make every Chinese a billionaire with 2 mansions, 3 cars, 3 meals of meat, fish and Peking Duck everyday and they'll STILL say you're the Devil's creation (in which case it might be true since that kind of life by 1.3billion Chinese would end up destroying the planet).  You can find the solution to global warming, find a way to cure for HIV/AIDS, stop animal extinction, discover a way for humans to live in space, bring about an end to nuclear weapons and they'll STILL say you're incompetent.  If you jump every time one of them says something you're going to be jumping forever with no time left to actually worry about the people that matter, the people that really form the base for the society your suppose to be working for.  Then it'll be a self-fulfilling prophecy as the country tumbles into chaos again as your people get more restless that you're not paying attention to what really matters.

He won the NPP, good for him.  Let him have his 15 minutes of fame, and the world moves on.  Block him from it and the world will harass you until your dying breath.


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[User Picture]
Date:October 11th, 2010 01:52 pm (UTC)
Re: position 1

My complete approval. Well said.
[User Picture]
Date:October 11th, 2010 01:59 pm (UTC)
And now that I've read the whole entry, I agree with your second position there too.

Idk, whenever it comes to the international spotlight, the CCP gets incredibly, cringeworthily immature. I mean, seriously, does it really take more than an unworldly preteen to realize the more you agitate unwanted attention, the more drama it's going to stir?

This is exactly like blocking social media services whenever there's a riot or disturbance somewhere. So completely illogical!

It's like that old Chinese - oh the irony - fable about the man who buried his silver in his backyard, stuck a sign over the spot where he buried it proclaiming "NO SILVER HERE DERP DERP", and then wondered why the hell someone stole his silver. -_-
[User Picture]
Date:October 11th, 2010 03:56 pm (UTC)
Immature, inexperienced (though 60 years, like seriously, let's catch on already), it makes me wonder if they have a PR department at all or do they just use the Propaganda department as the PR department because every time they come out with official statements even I roll my eyes.

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