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Testing new portable scanner on Rochu art :D - Welcome...

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September 29th, 2010

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12:31 pm - Testing new portable scanner on Rochu art :D
I bought a new portable scanner (this thing is so awesome XD) and decided to try it out on a short, short Rochu strip I drew a few weeks ago.  Figured I might as well post since it's on my computer already, lol.

Er....PG-13? Maybe?
Couples/Pairings: ROCHU (Russia/China) from Axis Power Hetalia
Um...Ivan (Russia) gives Yao (China) a sunflower (cliche, I know) and...things happen from there XD



Didn't have time for any photoshopping except to adjust the levels to make the lines more visible (scanned in pretty light since I don't press that hard with a pencil).  Maybe I'll add more effects and sparkles later :3

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Date:September 29th, 2010 12:58 pm (UTC)

The one I bought is kind of like this one;

Except it's a different brand since I got it from Amazon Japan and they didn't have the VuPoint brand one (mine's a Hidescan). If you look on youtube you'll find tutorials on how to use it, but it's really easy and works like a charm.

I love it so much *O* I can't remember how I came across these little darlings, but I'm surprised not every university student is wielding one and sitting in the libraries at the beginning of the semesters, scanning the textbooks.
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Date:September 29th, 2010 01:42 pm (UTC)

Here's the tutorial I found that really sold me. Mine works exactly the same way (even has the same buttons), and I don't know about the VuPoint brand, but mine came with the microsSD card and the adapter to stick it into my computer (but even if it didn't, it had a USB cable to connect it to my computer, but memory cards are much easier to use I think).

If you search on amazon for "portable scanner" you'll find a bunch, I saw one as low as $60, but I wasn't sure how the quality would be for that price, so I shelled out a bit more for the one I got. I only wish it came with a case or something for the bottom because I'm always afraid of getting it dirty or worse, breaking it since the sensor's there, but meh, it came with a little pouch to stick it in so I keep it in there when I'm not using.

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