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September 23rd, 2010

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10:34 pm - 中秋

床 前 明 月 光
疑 是 地 上 霜
举 头 望 明 月
低 头 思 故 乡

A day late but Happy Mid-Autumn Festival / Moon Festival~

It was cloudy yesterday night so I could only catch a few glimpses of the moon on my way home from work but it was indeed round as a moon cake :D~  It's my first year having nothing to do on this festival, usually if I was with my mom in Canada we'd eat moon cakes together, or when I went to university the Chinese Students Association would always hold a dinner or some kind of gathering to celebrate this day.

I did manage to drop by the Chinatown here and pick up some moon cakes though.  They were really yummy.  It was strange, I couldn't find any that were in those nice boxes like those that crowd the aisles in the Asian stores in Canada, they sold them all separately here.  Anyway, here's my yummy moon cake (sry, crappy image quality, webcam)~


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