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唐山大地震 / The Earthquake of TangShan

唐山大地震/ The Earthquake of TangShan 

Contemplating if I should watch it or not...

It recently came out (July this year) and trailers for it were playing all over the subways in Beijing but...I'm not sure if I can stomach this movie.  
For those that aren't aware, the TangShan earthquake happened on July 28th, 1976.  About 255,000 people perished in the 7.8 magnitude earthquake (by comparison the Wenchuan earthquake claimed approximately 68,000 lives).  Many things can be attributed to this giant gap in casualty number, some more controversial than others, but either way, it was a tragedy that shook the PRC (it didn't help that the Premiere, Zhou Enlai had just passed in January of that year and later in September Chairman Mao also passed away).

From what I hear the movie focuses on the victims of the tragedy, individual stories of families, survivors, victims, rescuers, and the reaction of the nation in the face of the disaster.  Given that just thinking about it and watching the trailer made me tear up, I'm not sure if it's a good idea for me to watch it.  I want to see it, I really do, I mean it was a huge incident in the 20th century of China's history but...

Has anyone seen it yet?  Good?  Bad?  Worth taking an emotional rollercoaster on?  Apparently a lot of the extras they had were survivors of the TangShan Earthquake, I think it's so admirable that they're willing to relive the disaster in such a fashion.
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