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It's Wednesday~ 3 more days until I'm off work~ - Welcome... — LiveJournal

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July 22nd, 2010

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12:04 am - It's Wednesday~ 3 more days until I'm off work~
 I was going to post up pictures of me in my yukata (summer time kimono) from last weekend when me and some friends went to a local festival (fireworks and all :D  I felt like I was in some anime, minus the summer romance part) but I forgot my camera at the school (was showing pics to students today) /O\

I did, however, come home with 2 Takarazuka DVDs and a show guide/book that one of my students lent me.  My school now has 2 Zuka fans that I'm aware of (3 including me) and today one of them awesomely brought me 2 of her DVDs to watch :D  I think next week I'll bring her some of mine, but it sucks since most of my Zuka goodies are in Canada  T^T

Also, I found out one of the shopping centres in Fukuoka, the nearest "big" city where I go for work training every other month or so, has about a dozen Lolita-styled clothes shops plus an Animate.  Dear lord, buddha, allah, whoever is willing to listen, help my wallet not go empty  *prayspraysprays*  It's really, really, really a good thing I'm not working there, a Zuka shop, lolita shops, Mandarake, it's like the black hole for Mengya's money.  I don't even want to imagine what I'd be like if I were in a place like Tokyo  *shudders*.  I think the next time I go to the city for training I'll check out the shopping centre, most likely 90% of the stuff won't even fit me, so maybe I'll just do some window shopping (granted the last time I went to Fukuoka me and a co-worker said the same thing..."window shopping" that costed Mengya about $100 >__X)
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