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Kuroshitsuji II eps 2 - Welcome... — LiveJournal

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July 13th, 2010

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11:30 am - Kuroshitsuji II eps 2
 While I am happy to see Ciel and co. back in the second episode...I am incredibly confused @__@  What happened to Claude and Alois??  I was looking forward to seeing them again (as much as Alois rubbed me the wrong way), and even in the preview for the net episode there wasn't anything on the new Master and Butler pair  /O\  

Also, why oh why did they HAVE to bring back the ONE character from season 1 that made me want to scream at my monitor?  Seriously, Elizabeth, just...disappear already >__<  I mean, who says to someone "are you having fun?  I'm having fun because I got to spend the whole day with you!" when you practically just got them killed because you stupidly wanted to find something that may or may not have even existed?!  ARGH, Ciel, just break the damn engagement and marry Sebby already :3

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