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Kuroshitsuji season II subbed


Just when I was feeling somewhat impatient waiting for the next season of Hakuouki in the fall Kuroshitsuji II episode 1 subbed came out :D  Yeah, I know the anime of the first season sucked compared to the manga but whatever, I like watching cute Ciel prance around all haughty in his adorable outfits and Sebastian in his ever perfect butler suit.  I was feeling a little sad that they decided to bring out a new butler and new master for the second season, I thought they weren't going to bring up Sebastian or Ciel at all but surprise, surprise, right in the first episode there's our ever devilish 'akuma no shitsuji' and his little 'bochan'. 

The new kid irks me a little, so I hope some more background info on him will explain some of the O_o moments I had watching this first episode.  I mean as bratty as Ciel could be he was never cruel, his actions and decisions were pretty predictable I think, the angsty protagonist that wanted revenge.  This new one's got me a little antsy since I can't feel a pulse for what he's up to or what he'll be doing next.  Hm, guess we'll see~!

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