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Bento ponderings. - Welcome...

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June 30th, 2010

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12:33 am - Bento ponderings.
 Since I've started making bentos everyday I've come to realize how little a person needs to eat.  I make 1/2 a cup of rice in the rice cooker (barely even covers the bottom of the cooker) and it's enough to make like, 8 rice balls, so about 4 days worth of rice balls.  Whenever I cook vegetables I have to use extra small portions or I end up with enough food to make a week's worth of bentos, and as yummy as a dish may be eating it 5 days in a row isn't that appealing.  Now my problem is using up all my groceries before they go bad without taking leftovers for lunch everyday of the week >___<

I've found that one of my bento box can hold just enough food to last me through my work day.  Usually by the time I head home my tummy's rumbling a little and when I get home I need a snack before bed.  If I make 1.5 bento boxes worth of food it's enough to last me the entire work day and I can usually skip dinner.

I really like making onigiris (rice balls), it's a lot of fun using the nori (seaweed) and cutting it to make emoticon-onigiris or animal onigiris.  Japanese rice is really sticky though, if I'm not careful it has a tendency to get all over the place.  Now I use saran wrap so my hand don't actually touch the rice, otherwise no matter how much salt or water I put on my hands it still sticks and my onigiris turn out warped and weird looking.  Next challenge is to try making onigiris that have a filling inside instead of just plain rice :3

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