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Quiche and onigiri - Welcome...

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June 23rd, 2010

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12:29 am - Quiche and onigiri
 Whew, cooking is tough work >__<

Just finished making some onigiri (rice balls) and a quiche.  I got the recipe from one of my students and decided to give it a try, what I didn't anticipate was I made enough to feed 5 people  OTL  It was actually pretty easy and luckily for me my student's recipe allowed me to make the quiche without an oven.


Half a carrot
1-2 small green pepper
Half an onion
4 small pieces of bacon
1 small potato

3 eggs

Dry basil
You cut up the vegetables and bacon into cubes.

1)  Crack the eggs and mix.  Then add in some salt (not too much as you'll need to add salt to the vegetables too), mayonnaise and cheese to the egg.
2)  Heat up a frying pan with some oil and stir fry the vegetables and bacon.  Add in some salt, pepper and dry basil to the vegetables and bacon.
3)  Once the vegetables and bacon is cooked, pour in the egg mixture.
4)  Cover the pan with the lid and let the egg cook.
5)  To check if the centre of the egg is fully cooked, stick either a chopstick or toothpick in the centre and see if it comes out clean.

Yesterday I made some strawberry daifuku which is this Japanese sweet that has a strawberry in the middle, a layer of anko (sweet red bean paste) and then covered on the outside with a layer of mochi (sticky gluttonous rice).  It was really yummy but the mochi was so sticky when I first tried to handle it  >__<  It got all over the place.

Whew, gonna go take a shower then hit the sack.

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