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Omelette Rice bento

Made another bento today for work.  This time I actually cooked something XDD  Before I had always just gone to the grocery store and bought rice balls and whatever else I wanted to eat then just moved them from the grocery store packaging into my bento box  XD  For today's lunch I actually cooked some omurice (omelette rice) with stir fried bamboo shoots and snow peas and a lettuce salad. Sorry there's no picture of the actual rice, it's hidden under the egg omelette.  

I used the recipe for the omurice from here (steps 1, 4 and 8 are the ones I used, didn't make the broccoli flowers or anything) with a few modifications.  It's really, really easy to make (if I can make it, trust me it's easy.  This is coming from the girl who set her oven mitt on fire getting cookies out of the oven and who burned Kraft Dinner >__<;;).  Also, before you eat omurice the Japanese like to put some ketchup on the egg, I drew a heart using the ketchup before I dug in (sorry, no pics of that).

For the snow peas and bamboo shoots stir fry I used the recipe from here (it's about 1/4 of the way down the page, the first part tells you how to prepare raw bamboo shoots for cooking and how to make bamboo shoot rice).  It was also fairly easy to make, though I cooked the bacon too long I think.  The recipe said to use snap peas, which I had never heard of nor did I find in the grocery store, so I settled with snow peas instead.

The two little bottles in the red bento box consists of ketchup for my omurice and salad dressing for my lettuce (and there's a little cherry hiding under my ketchup bottle).

Bentos don't really fit much, though surprisingly it's pretty filling.  Even though I followed the recipes (and for the rice I used less than what the recipe said because I knew I wasn't filling my whole bento box with rice) I have enough rice and stir fry left over for another serving so tomorrow I'm going to bring the same main dishes and just change the salad.  

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